Friday, December 31, 2010

Scary, Kinda Good, Great, More Nervous, Excited???

Did you notice the change?? No? That’s ok it’s only just the tiny little thing of 2 weeks being magically taken off of our baby countdown! I went to my appointment on Wednesday and my doctor measured me and told me I was measuring about 2 weeks ahead. So I started asking questions and he said it was normal because I’d been measuring ahead the whole pregnancy. So then he starts asking me questions and goes back and checks the dates and tells me that my new due date is February 1st! I was a little shocked usually you get this news a little earlier I would think. I’m to the point where I’m nervous so I want time to slow down but pretty uncomfortable so I want it to speed up to. We’ll see how accurate everything is though-time to definitely start getting things ready though because our baby boy is coming sooner than later!

Oh and back to the car seat issue. The deal breaker between the Graco and the Baby Trend is the adjusting strap is in the front on the baby trend. I really like this feature. Anyone know of any great car seats that have this??
The holiday season is almost over and we are back in Pocatello now after an awesome stay with our families. We stopped in Raft River the Wednesday before Christmas and got lots of cute Kendal time in and hung out with Casey and Marianne and Terry’s parents and then it was off to Filer. Thursday we met Laur and my mom in town and tried to register for the baby shower but Target or Walmart’s clicker things didn’t work and it probably wasn’t a very smart idea to even try to do that so close to Christmas. Friday we just relaxed and then Ry, Kac and Mackie came over to spend the night. This is also when we got to meet the newest member of the Haney family….Max! I was pretty upset about a new puppy joining the family so soon and decided I wasn’t going to like him (pretty sad I know) but I didn’t last long at all. Isn’t he the cutest!

Christmas morning was great. Thanks for such a great Christmas Ter, both Mom and Dads and Santa! I was awful at taking pictures but I did get this sweet one of Ter and Macey bug. Laura's family came over after Zac was done feeding the cows and they had done their Santa stuff at home.
Kind of random but this pic is from awhile ago when I watched Quinnlee. Good thing Jacob and Breawna live so close so I can get my fill of cute pink clothes, pretty headbands and painted toenails in. I don't think Ter would like it too much if he came home and little B man was sportin any of that :) She is such a doll! 

I have decided these are a major perk of being pregnant!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Webb Christmas party

Last weekend we went to Raft River for the annual Webb Christmas party-always a highlight of the Christmas season. This year we brought 1 pound gifts and did an exchange/steal. It was pretty entertaining. We got a great family picture in. I am 30 weeks in this picture and feelin' it! Only 10 more weeks, maybe even less, can you believe it??? It seems like time has flown by-we can't wait to meet you little B man!

This is the sweet hand warmer Terry and I made for Jordan and yes Ter really did help-he used my sewing machine and everything! We were pretty impressed with ourselves.

Isn't this girl just too cute?! I wish I had a picture of our adorable nephew David. He has phneumonia right now poor little guy!

We sing at the party every year-here's a peak for all of you who are missing out!!!

We finally decided on which stroller and car seat to get-now just to the buying part. What do you think about these:
I've looked a ton at the stroller frame option and I'm pretty sold on it being the way to go. Not so big and bulky, safe and easy to manuever. Both of these are Baby Trend products. Have you heard good things about this brand?
I had an appointment on Monday and things are looking good. I'm down to every 2 week appointments now. I really can't believe that we're going to have a baby in less than two months! Our munchkin kicks like crazy, especially in my ribs, and loves to keep mommy up already at night. The countdown is on!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~Roger Caras

Yesterday I got a call from my dad. It seemed like a normal little chat and then he asked to talk to Terry. In my silly mind I thought he was working up a surprise or something good but while they were talking I asked is Tipper ok? And Ter wouldn’t answer but just handed me back the phone where my dad went on to tell me that my best little bud for the last 12 or so years had died. (Thanks for making such a hard call Dad and making sure Ter was there with me when I got the news, you really are the greatest.) That was probably some of the saddest news I’ve ever gotten. I’m bawling now just writing this. I was and still am pretty attached to my puppy.

Tipper was the best dog in the whole world. She was the little queen bee in house of big macho hunting dogs. I think my dad really gave Tipper to my mom for Christmas one year but she was mine :) Oh my goodness did I love that little dog and did she love me. When I lived at home she slept on my bed every night and always knew where to find a treat. If you were cutting cheese it didn’t matter how sneaky you were she would be in the kitchen before you were done. I think she loved chocolate just as much as me. Pop tarts were pretty high up on her list too. Anyone who eats poptarts knows the corners are the best part-she always got 2 of mine. The little stinker liked to roll in horse poo (just 1 perk of my little farm dog). She hated the bath afterwards but then loved to be dried off-she fluffed up like a little fur ball. She let me play dress up with her and never got mad when I would pull her ears back and pretend she was the taco bell dog. When she would get excited when she was younger she had a certain path she would run, around the table, around the chair into a bedroom and back out. She was my little spaz. She was protective and got a little cranky in her old age.

Leaving my puppy was one of the hardest things about going away to school. She was always right there to welcome me back though. I loved the way she wagged her tail so hard when she saw me that her whole little bum would wiggle and she would whine because she was so excited. Terry probably thinks I’m nuts (I cried forever last night and have just been so sad today) to be so worked up over my dog but she really was my little best friend. Anyone reading this probably thinks I’m crazy too but I really am going to miss my Tipper dog. I wasn't there to bury her or tell her goodbye but I saw her at Thanksgiving and gave her lots of treats and snuck her in the house any chance I got. It doesn't make it easier but I know she knew she was loved. Going home next time my heart is going to break all over again with her not being there to welcome me home.  We miss you already Tippy!!

Oh and I had to take my glucose test today {yuck} and am still stressing/hoping/praying over the job interview. It's been a rough day. But I have a husband and family who love me, a healthy baby on the way and got to spend 12 years with the best puppy a girl could ask I'm going to be ok. Just one of those days!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dad’s b-day dinner, Thanksgiving, Christmas tree and 28 weeks

On Tuesday we braved the weather to head to Twin Falls to spend the night with my family. All the kids made it out to the house for my Dad’s birthday dinner-he’s 51! It was so much fun to be able to be there with the entire family and spend the night hanging out. Happy {late} birthday dad-you are the best dad any kid could hope for!
I think Carson licked all 51 candles
Love you dad!
 Wednesday we made it to Raft River where we spent Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving really is one of the greatest holidays. You get to eat, relax and be with family. It was Terry and I, Nicole and Jordan and Cheryl and Kenny. I think we forgot how many people were actually coming because there was a TON of food! Cheryl is probably the nicest mother-in-law ever. She asked Jordan and me what we usually have at our family’s Thanksgiving and I said pretzel salad and Jordan said pies. There were 3 pies and pretzel salad!! Definitely a great Thanksgiving!
Our feast

Thursday night I met my parents and Jill in Burley where they picked me up so I could go Black Friday shopping with the girls. That sounds really ridiculous typing it out but wait it gets better. Laura, Jill and I were at Wal-Mart at 11:45 shopped till about 1 came home and tried to sleep till 4:30 when the marathon shopping would begin. Waking up twice was rough! We shopped from 4:30 till around 11! This is probably our craziest tradition-but half price socks?? You’d be crazy not to get up! Ha at least that’s what we tell ourselves. My parents and Carson brought me back to Burley around 1 and I loaded up my treasures and set off for Raft River. Thanks so much for driving me!! I probably won’t do this again some traditions just have to change-every other year of Black Friday will probably we better for our budget anyway!

We cut down our first Christmas tree!! Our little Charlie browner tree is just that-but we love it. I’ve never cut down our own tree before and it made for a super fun day. We loaded up with Jordan and Nicole and set off for the mountains. We couldn’t make it up to where there were trees right off the road so we took to climbing the mountain. I think I would have been dying even if I wasn’t pregnant! The boys cut the trees down and then Nicole and I dragged them down the mountain. Feel pretty good about getting my workout in for the month :)

{love} this boy!

Thanks for letting us tag along!

yep, this is how far I could zip my snow pants up. I should have worn suspenders!

1st Christmas tree!

28 (almost 29) weeks down and maybe less than 10 to go!! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by! It’s hard to imagine that in just a few months our little man will be here. I think you can finally notice right off the bat that I’m pregnant, either from my big belly or chip munk cheeks. Terry has to tell me to smile really big in pics or else my cheeks swallow my whole face! At church 3 or 4 people commented on my growing belly-thankfully in nice ways. Someone asked to touch my tummy and I said no that’s ok thanks. I felt bad but I’m still not up for someone I barely know rubbing my stomach…it’s just weird! Even someone I know-Ryan you better keep your hands off next time! My feet and my back hurt more and I still eat like a little piggy but other than that things are great! I have to do my sugar test thing this week so we’ll see how that goes. Oh and I had a job interview today…ha at 6 ½ months pregnant!! But I got a second interview-woo hoo!!
28 weeks

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Little bit of everything

We had a pretty laid back Halloween this year. We went to our ward party and then went and carved pumpkins with Nicole and Jordan. I think we turned out some pretty great masterpieces (Ter especially!)
Ter's pumpkin pulling tractor, my owl, Jordan's monster & Nicole's witch


The thing that has consumed my life for the last 2 ½ months is finally over!!! And I think it’s just a relief to have it over. Doing a craft fair is so much more work than I ever thought it would be. I think all of us were just thinking ok we make this really cute stuff and then lots of people snatch it up really quick and think they are the luckiest people in the world to have found something so stinkin’ cute!! (Well this is exactly what I thought I’m sure the others were not so na├»ve as me). Let’s just say that the weekend was long. My mom and Laura did such an amazing job of getting the ball rolling with all the pricing and the design of the booth. They were the masterminds and without them it would have been a disaster!! My dad and Ryan built us our amazing “chicken coop” the night before and then we piled it high with all of our goodies. Then the sitting and waiting began. I spent 15 hours at the booth throughout the weekend. It was so interesting to see all the different people and have the feelings I did. Every time someone just walked right by I wanted to go grab their hand and be like “Hey! At least come back and look!!!” Anyways moral of the story is not everybody else thinks your stuff is as cute as you do or they are just all cheapo’s!! :) Really it was a great experience and I loved the time I got to spend with my family. I feel so lucky that we all have the common hobby of crafting and that I have a bunch of sounding boards to bounce all my ideas off of. I have the best sisters, mom and sister-in-law that I could ask for. I love all you girls!! And P.S. if anyone needs baby or kid gifts I’m your girl-I have enough to last for about the next 7 years.

Our Booth


On Saturday we got to go to Logan for little miss Kendal’s first birthday party. We drove with Nicole and Jordan and met Cheryl and Kenny early at the Logan temple where we got to do a session. It’s awful to admit it but I really did not want to go. The thought of sitting for 2 hours stuffed into my dress, having to go to the bathroom and being hungry just wasn’t appealing. Talk about a slice of humble pie. After our session I had the chance to just sit and think in the most beautiful place and it just hit me that no matter what condition I was in if I had the opportunity to go to the temple that I should jump at it. The temple is the most comforting, peaceful place and to be there with family just made it that much better. So it really was the perfect start to a great day.

After our session, the party began! The Darrington clan met up with the Loosle’s at an awesome little pizza place where everyone just loved on the birthday girl. She is such a pretty girl!! Such a fun excuse to all get together-I love my family!!


Can you tell we’re just a little excited for our baby boy to get here??? I got our crib set and just love it! Anytime we get something for our little guy we can’t wait to get it up. When I was sitting in the temple on Saturday I got so excited to have our baby join our family. Families are what this life is all about and I feel so incredibly blessed that I have the opportunity to be a parent and even more blessed that I get to start this journey with Terry. I serioulsy could not have asked for a bettter husband or father for our family! This being said I just read a birth story on another blog and I'm starting to get SUPER nervous!! Have you ever seen the size of a baby's head-it is HUGE-which ='s OUCH!! That is all I seem to be able to look at when I see a baby these days. I am the biggest whimp ever I know.

Vanessa called on Sunday and told us about a glider with foot stool she found on craigslist and my dad was nice enough to go “check it out” for us yesterday. I say check it out cause it came home in the back of his truck with a bath basin added to the sweet deal of $30!!! My dad is the smoothest talker I know :) Thanks Vanessa and Dad!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

24 down and 16 to go

Here is an update of our little guy at 24 weeks (don't mind the mess-the sewing table has been a permanent fixture due to the craft fair coming up next week!). He is moving around tons. I like to think that he moves whenever I put my hand on my tummy but it's probably just a coincidence...or he just knows that his mommy loves him a whole lot already! I'll be honest it still freaks me out a little when I feel him move. I'll be driving or just talking to someone and all of a sudden my stomach has a mind of its own-ha right now it does!  I told Ter last night that I think soda-mainly Cherry Pepsi is a legit pregnancy craving-he wasn't buying it. I've almost convinced myself that it is but I'm pretty sure I can say for all of the things that I "crave" (french fries, pop, cookies, chocolate, strawberries) that I am just a fatty and would want all of this if I wasn't pregnant.

I think I'm coming into the more sensitive part of the pregnancy now. I haven't been much of a cryer but lately the tears are pretty close to the surface. Yesterday an old lady in Fred Meyer swore at me (for no reason at all!!!) and I almost broke down right there!!

One last thing. I love it how when people ask what names we are thinking about and I list them out (Bryker, Wyatt or Carter) and they say oh Bryker is different. It makes me laugh because everyone knows that that is code for where the heck did you come up with that!?! It's my favorite and what I secretly call him in my head most of the time but we'll see.

 Oh and this is our new pet. We loved him while it lasted -about a whole 3 minutes!!! It was seriously huge!!! That's one really bad thing about the fall-all the creepy crawly things start moving inside-gross! We used a bat, a smore roaster and almost a toilet brush to knock him down and then flushed him down the sink. I didn't brush my teeth in the bathroom out of fear that he was a great swimmer and would come creeping back up the drain! I hate spiders!!!!
Things are great here for us in Pocatello. Terry is doing really good in school and I am still  a grandma. I subbed for a week straight and then only a half day this week. It's almost worse to work and then not work-BUT I am still extremely greatful for the work that I do get!!! Kind of a rambled post but an update nonetheless!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today was my first ever day of substitute teaching! I got the call last night and accepted a 3 day job for a third grade class and then promptly started to hyperventilate when I realized it was for today!!!! I was so so nervous!! Today went great though. I had to relearn math and some english really fast but I think I pulled it off. The best part was when one of the girls found out I was pregnant and then ran over to the other girls and said guess what our teacher is with child!! I almost died-I would never ever say that and I'm the pregnant one!! So now I will be substituting this class until Monday then its kindergarten on Tuesday and another class on Wednesday. All of a sudden the sub jobs just started to come rolling in and I am so thankful! It feels so nice to be able to contribute to the mula fund and get out of the house!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blue or Pink?????

 We found out on Monday that we are having a little boy! We couldn’t be more excited! I was pretty nervous the whole day before the ultrasound, for some reason knowing what we’re having just makes it super real-now I think Holy Smokes we are going to have a little boy!! The doctor people told me to drink 32 oz of water before the ultrasound. I was totally stressed out about this for no reason at all. Well for a very big reason when you hear what I thought 32 oz of water was. I have this water bottle I always use and it says 7.7 oz on it so I figured it all out that I needed to drink 4 and gave myself 15 minutes to drink each one. By the end of the second I was seriously stressing out. Poor Terry came in and took a sip of my water and probably thought he was going to die because I freaked out that I had it all measured (totally stupid looking back, sorry sweetie!) So after the second one I got to thinking I better double check this cause Terry had said that 32oz was only 4 cups. I got the measuring cups out and emptied my bottle and realized that I had already drank like 50 oz of water!!! My stupid bottle said 1 pint, 7.7 oz!! Don’t think I’ll ever neglect a poor little comma again or forget how many cups are in an oz!! So needless to say by the time we got to the ultrasound I was dying!! But that all went away when she put that nasty hot stuff on my tummy (I would much rather it be cold) and we saw our precious little guy and that was definitely the first thing we saw. Right away she was like do you know what that is? Sure enough it was Baby D showing loud and proud that blue is our new favorite color :) It was such a relief to see all of his little arms and legs and fingers and toes and to see that everything is looking good! Now only 19 more weeks until we get to hold our sweet baby in our arms-can’t wait!!! Our top names are still Bryker, Wyatt and Carter probably in that order but we'll see what else we come up with.

Here is a pic at 21 weeks still not too much to see. Like my sweats? You should feel lucky I put my nice ones on for you but you should feel even luckier that I put a bra ( don't get me started on bras they are the devil!) on for the occasion! And I spiced up the whole “outfit” with a pretty headband. I seriously need to get out of the house and put some real clothes on!!

We have been feeling out little man move around like crazy! Ter got to feel him move a couple Saturdays ago which was pretty cool for both of us and now we can just sit and watch my stomach as he parties away.

I had a WIC appointment yesterday and totally got in trouble for how much candy I eat. The minute I said I like sweets the nazi lady’s pen started flying and my new goal is to have self control and limit myself according to her. She doesn’t even know the half of it! I felt bad and told her that my sweets are mini candy bars but oops forgot to tell her about the cookies I made yesterday or the carton of ice cream I just eat right out of…hmm must be that pregnancy brain thing!

pretty much what I look like all the time

Conference Weekend

We went home for Conference to Terry’s house and got to hang out with the whole family (minus Cody and Jordan) and had such a great time. Conference was awesome! It was so much fun to see everyone together and get in some good baby time-we love our nieces and nephews (and their parents :)!!!

Bath time!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Show and Tell

Like I said before, being a grandma has the perk/curse of some major down time and to fill that time up I have been craftin' away. My mom had the crazy idea to get all the girls together and combine our craftiness to make a booth at the Expo Center Craft Fair at CSI in November-look for the Chickadees booth and you'll find some goodies!! Here's what I've been workin on...
Diaper wipes cases

I Spy Bags filled with treasure

Americana quilt-total cost to make about $6 hours spent working on it=forever!!

Chrysthanthemum pillow-completely made this one from scratch!

Ladybug quilt


Hi nice to meet you...

My name is Mrs. Darrington but you can call me grandma D. I am a 22 year old/87 year old grandma. I spend my days reading, cleaning, sewing or doing puzzles. I’m sure I would love bingo or a knitting group if you know of any. I don’t have 10 cats yet but my sister is trying to get rid of some so that could change fast.

Sad to say but it’s the truth. This not having a job thing is depressing!! I got a few call backs and even did an interview but as the saying goes close but no cigar (not sure if that’s really a saying but I remember it from somewhere). I did get all my substituting stuff worked out and now just have to wait for the calls to come. They call between 8 and 10 at night and from 6 am to 1 pm-I get a little anxious during those times! I should probably just enjoy this time before the baby comes cause I don't think I'll ever have another post like this one again :)

On the bright side though being a grandma with so much free time has its perks-lots of crafts. Pics in the post to come!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aaaaaannnnnd theeeeerrrreee’ssssss Nothin to see!! (Imagine in the voice of Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo :)

At least I don’t think there is really anything to see. This is a pic of about 17 weeks. I only feel like you can see it after I eat :) Things are much better in the nausea department-thank heavens! We had an appointment yesterday and everything looked great. And da ta da we scheduled our ultrasound to find out what we’re having!! October 4th is the big day and we couldn’t be more excited!!! I am so excited to be able to actually call our little one him or her not just baby or it and to buy and make stuff!!! We’ve got some boy and girl names narrowed down. What do you think of Claire, Madison or Jemma for a girl and Bryker, Carter or Wyatt? I think Wyatt and Claire are front runners right now. The doctor and nurse asked if I’ve felt the baby and I was kinda like umm, I don’t know?! I don’t know what that feels like. So right now I’m saying now but I think I might remember a few flutters-but now I’m on the lookout :)

The last little bit


On Labor Day I think I was for real initiated into the Darrington family. We froze {170} quart bags of corn. This sounds like an easy process, well in my mind it did, and I couldn’t figure out why Terry said we were going to be doing it all day, now I know! They started out picking around 7 am and then we got there to help shuck it then it had to be washed, cooked, blanched (don’t know if that’s the right word) then cut and then bagged. Holy Smokes!!!! And I was only doing the cooking for awhile! Cheryl was telling us stories of when just her and Kenny would do it and they would be up until super early in the morning finishing. It really was a fun day thought just getting to visit and learning how to do everything-thanks mom and dad D!

Trip home=seeing these cute little girls. We have some seriously cute nieces and nephews! Ter does so good with all of them. Mace is a momma’s girl but he got a hold of her and she did just great-he’s a natural!
Mace and Mac-love them!

Terry and Mr. T
This is my sweetie’s new best friend, lovingly named Mr. T. He’s a little creepy but we love him. Terry has just jumped right into school. He usually gets done by 1 or 2 but then he studies for about 4-5 hours EVERY day. I don’t know how he does it but I am {SO} proud of him for how hard he works! I love it when he comes home and is excited about what he is learning-he really is going to be a great OT. Right now he’s in a lab where they cut open cadavers! Can’t believe some of the stuff he tells me-I would definitely be the girl puking in the trash can if I was in that class!

Extreme Home Makeover Came to Pocatello

I saw the bus and everything!! The whole city of Pocatello turned into house stalkers for the week but you couldn’t help but want to see the progress. We went late one night and the next day we went back and everything was completely different. They really do work 24/7. It was a pretty cool process and fun to be a part of even if we were just on the sidelines. I think it airs in December, we’re pretty excited to watch it!

Brown Reunion
During the summer we were busy almost every weekend. For one we went down to Orem for a Brown reunion. It was a reunion for my Grandpa’s siblings and there is only one brother left and I think 2 sister-in-laws. We had a mini Karl Brown reunion within the big one. It was so great to be able to see all of the cousins and their cute kids. We definitely need to get together more often!

While we were in Utah we made the “necessary” stops to Cabela’s and IKEA. I think I’ve had enough of Cabela’s to last me for a very long time but the kids loved the fish and all the animals. Mackie was pretty interested in all the fish Ry was showing her. She is going to be his little fishing buddy someday! IKEA is the coolest store ever!! A little overwhelming but I could spend all day in there! Unfortunately I have to go back soon to take the bedspread I bought back-I'm so sad about having to return the bedspread-not the trip back though!!!

Mom and Laura stayed and went to church with Grandma and Jay. Little family pic minus Zac. She has some of the cutest kids ever! Ha I love Carson’s face.
Darrington Reunion

Reunion numero dos was at the Steadman’s slide. It was so great to be able to meet more of the Darrington’s and hangout with all of Terry’s siblings. His mom was Super-Woman all weekend with all the planning-we love you!! We went to the church and played minute to win it games-Thanks Casey and Marianne! Terry had to keep three balloons up in the air-trickier than it sounds! On Sunday we all loaded up and went out to some pioneers’ graves and the Oregon and California Trail divide. Who would have thought that little old Raft River was so hoppin with history?! I love seeing that kind of stuff. It just takes me back and makes me really grateful for the time I was born in and the blessings that I have.

Cassia County Fair-Round 2

The weekend before Terry started school we took one more little getaway to the Cassia County Fair. I can’t remember if we skipped last year or if this is our second time in a row but anyways we met up with the gang (Browns, Hewards and Eric and his date) to eat dinner and watch the rodeo. I love getting together with this group! 3 out of the 4 girls are prego in the pic (Breawna was such a trooper she was overdue and still came!) Such a blast!
Don't mind the creeper in the background-stinkin' Eric!!