Thursday, September 30, 2010

Show and Tell

Like I said before, being a grandma has the perk/curse of some major down time and to fill that time up I have been craftin' away. My mom had the crazy idea to get all the girls together and combine our craftiness to make a booth at the Expo Center Craft Fair at CSI in November-look for the Chickadees booth and you'll find some goodies!! Here's what I've been workin on...
Diaper wipes cases

I Spy Bags filled with treasure

Americana quilt-total cost to make about $6 hours spent working on it=forever!!

Chrysthanthemum pillow-completely made this one from scratch!

Ladybug quilt



  1. SO CUTE!!! You are definitely going to outsell me!

  2. Holy cow--- All of those are super cute and I want them right now. :) Wish I was there to go to the craft expo. Hope all is well with you. Miss you guys.