Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey!

Today is my hubby's birthday-the big 25! I really am the luckiest girl to have him for forever. You mean everything to me sweetie and I couldn't ask for a better husband and best friend-I hope your day was awesome! Here's 25 things I love about my boy:

1. Always leaves me the last cookie
2. When we're walking he'll put his hand back to grab mine
3. How hard he works in school-look out world he's going to be the best OT ever!
4. his bum :)
5. he's a snuggler
6. He has the biggest heart and is always helping others
7. His testimony-he is my rock when I would rather just fall asleep he helps us to say our prayers and read the scriptures. He loves the gospel and I am so thankful to have the priesthood in our home.
8. He thinks I'm a good cook, I've tricked him pretty good
9. His big muscles
10. Love his family and how close he is to them-also that he loves my family were a crazy bunch and I love that he just joins right in
11. He puts up with all my moods and still loves me anyways
12. He changed his way of making the bed for me and even does the corners now
13. He always helps me fold the laundry by matching the socks
14. His hug-he wraps me up and nothing is bad anymore
15. His need to take care of me
16. When I puke he holds my hair and rubs my back kinda gross but really sweet
17. His grandpa shirts
18. How he interacts with our nieces and nephews-he is going to be the best dad ever!
19. Everyone seriously loves him-he can talk to anyone and make friends so fast!
20. He knows I have a really bad problem with staring so he'll catch me and lead me away-probably cause he's embarassed :)
21. He is genuinely a good person and helps me to be better
22. I love that we can talk about anything-most nights we talk for awhile in bed and I love just hanging out with him and relaxing
23. He's just as addicted to Bones as I am
24. He goes to really boring FA 100 events with me
25. I love the way he loves me. Sometimes I think I can be a hard person to love but he's got it down. I can't imagine spending forever with anyone else. Thanks for loving me sweetie!
Happy Birthday!