Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year in Review {part 2}

August: Bryke did his 2nd year of swimming lessons, we took a trip to the Hogle Zoo in SLC, mommy canned all by herself for the very first time, WE FOUND OUT BABY #3 IS A BOY! Bryke burned his hand really bad on the lawn mower :(

major improvements from last year! He used to say he didn't want to get baptized because he had to go underwater :)

1 giant blister under his pinky and then 5-6 little ones on his thumb and palm poor little man!
September: Bryke started pre-school at Filer Elementary School 2 days a week and absolutely loves it! Mommy started another class at CSI-BIO 227 Anatomy and Physiology and decided that instead of being a Medical Assistant she would do the RN program. The plan is to start the program Fall 2016.

Keegers had to have a picture too :)
Silly boys!
October: We went to the corn maze and Bryke and Keegan dressed up as Dusty and El Chupacabra from the movie Planes.

November: Keegan turned 2! Mommy and Daddy took a trip to Seattle and had such a great time!

view from the space needle our first night
Chihuly Glass garden-beautiful!

On our harbor tour
The Seattle Aquarium

Pikes Place Market
Our sweet ride for the trip :) We are pretty proud of ourselves that we survived driving in the big city!

Such a great trip with my handsome honey!
December: Was a whirlwind of Christmas parties with both families and friends. We went swimming at Sligars the day after Christmas with the “Haney cousins”, played in the snow and now we are waiting for Baby boy #3 to come!

attempting the Nativity with the Darrington cousisn-Bryke and Keegan were wise men
someone got into mommy's mascara!
Christmas morning

silly goose put his new undies on right over the top of his old ones
All the Darrington cousins
Merry Christmas!
We hope that your year was great just like ours was! 2015 is going to start off with a bang with baby boy #3 coming on the 6th of January-we can’t wait to cuddle and love him and go to a family of 5! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Here are 2 little things I wrote during the year that I didn’t want to leave out since this blog is basically our family journal.

As I sat and looked through all the pictures of the last 7 months (after trying to get a blog update in August) I couldn’t help but feel so incredibly grateful for the life that I have. Maybe that’s why I got so behind on my blog so that I could have this moment today to really truly realize just how incredibly blessed I am. Being mama to my 2 crazy boys is the best job but the hardest job and I let myself get bogged down by the whining, poopy diapers and million other things that go with being a mom and forget to really enjoy the million and one AMAZING things about not just being a mom but being Bryker and Keegan’s mom. I wish I was a better writer so that I could put into words what I am feeling right now. All I know is that today looking at pictures of the three people that are my life I know without a shadow of a doubt that my Heavenly Father loves me and has blessed me with more than I could ever realize! I am so incredibly thankful for my little eternal family and am going to try harder to be in the moment and love them with all I’ve got!

May 17th was such an exciting day-Aftyn was born AND……we found out we were expecting baby #3!! I had been sick with sinus stuff and finally went to the quick care where I got some medicine that they said could make me nauseous. Well it did but it felt a little too familiar so we stopped and got {5} pregnancy tests-thinking there is no way! But yes there definitely is a way and baby Darrington #3 will be joining our craziness in January 2015 and we couldn’t be more excited!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Year in Review {part 1}

I can’t believe it has been a year since I blogged last :( Here is a quick little year in review post {picture overload}!

January: We went with our Haney family and stayed in a condo in Sun Valley and had fun thrifting and playing at the amazing YMCA-Bryke tried rock climbing for the first time! And Mommy started going back to school at CSI with a medical terminology and BIO 127 class-yikes!

February: Bryke turned 3! We went and saw all the big tractors at CSI, took the boys sledding in the South Hills and Keegan used the tv as target practice :( what an arm you have little man! Goodbye beautiful big TV that we had for less than 6 months and hello 1980 giant box that is indestructible and we aren’t replacing until all our kids are big! 

March: We went to Filer girl’s state basketball in Boise, Grandpa Tad got his Silver Beaver scouting award and we took a few bike ride trips down in Rock Creek. Mommy and her sisters and Grandma Kris snuck away for a girls’ trip to Boise.

April: We went to the annual Webb Easter party in Raft River and finally got grass after almost a year long process of accidently killing it twice and then replanting it! BIG NEWS-Bryker is officially potty trained!!!

Frozen mania was full force at our house
Our beautiful grass!
Those are big boy undies!! So proud of you Bryke!
May: We started to enjoy the beautiful weather and played outside a ton-mommy finished her 2 classes with A’s! We bought our van! SURPRISE-May 17th we found out Baby Darrington #3 would be joining our family in Jaunuary 2015! Aftyn Aileen Searle was born!

June: Mommy was super sick this month and it is really just kind of a blur and we got a new nephew-Riggin Ryan Haney!

July: We spent the 4th of July in Raft River and took our big summer trip to Yellowstone with all of Ter’s family and we celebrated our 5th anniversary. Mommy ran in the Sawtooth Relay with our amazing neighbor Shelly and actually had a really great time-she ran over 10 miles in one day!

never walked and 10 weeks pregnant!