Friday, November 22, 2013

Keegan is 1 year old!

 Happy Birthday Keegster!
·        19.8 lbs 21st percentile
·        30.2 inches tall 54th percentile
·        18.5 inch head 71st percentile
·        You are a climbing machine! Bryke didn’t really climb so this is new for us. I’ll walk in the kitchen and you’ll be standing on the table you little stinker!
·        You love the dishwasher-anytime I open it I try to be really quiet to trick you but you always come running and love to sit or stand on it.
·        You are the best little snuggler ever! Every night I hold you tight and get to snuggle you to sleep-I love that time that is just ours.
·        You are starting to fight back when your big brother starts picking on you. You still love to mess up his toys but have kicked it up a notch with pinching and hair pulling.
·        You love Bryke though and always light up when you see him
·        You are a Mimi boy! You get a little grumpy when you can’t find your binky
·        Whenever Daddy comes home you throw your arms up and run as fast as your little legs go to get to him-makes his day everytime.
·        You absolutely love your Grandma Kris! You spent a whole weekend with her when we went to Ogden and I think you formed a special little bond.
·        You still take a couple naps a day, sleep so well through the night and hardly make a peep when you’re in your car seat.
·        You are pretty particular about how you are fed-even if I don’t hand you the food the right way you do a 360 spin so fast and throw yourself down you little drama king :)
·        And above all else, you are absolutely {adored} by your mom and dad! This past year has been so much fun to see you bring smiles to people’s faces, light up our home and warm our hearts with your snuggles and big wide open mouth kisses! We love you Keegan Karl-to the moon and back!
(these pictures are so special to me! I can't believe how much you have grown! From our sweet little babe to our even sweeter little one year-old. Those big blue eyes and that smile that takes over your whole face, oh do we love you Keegan!)

We got to celebrate twice-once with the Haneys and then with the Darringtons. It is so great to live to close to so much of our family! Mommy made you a special blanket filled with lots of love and you absolutely spoiled by your family!
You couldn't believe that we were just going to let you dive into your cake! You were so funny about it though and instead of picking it up you would lean forward and just take a bite right out of it-you were pretty proud of yourself!

Happy birthday little Mr.! Your mommy, daddy and big brother love you more than you could ever know!