Thursday, December 17, 2009

CAUTION: YUCKY but sweet post below

Tuesday night was the worst night of my life! As my cute friend Tara put it on her blog awhile ago, I tossed my cookies about 8 times! I'm not sure what made me so sick but it was terrible. There's the yucky part but here's the sweet part. My hubby passed the puke test with flying colors! He held my hair, rubbed my back, got me crackers and was just the best I could ask for, even if he was going to pass out a few times. I am so thankful for him for staying up with me to take care of me! Sorry this is kind of nasty but I just had to share about me sweet boy! P.S. no I am NOT pregnant!

Date Night

We had a fun date night for family home evening and went and got ice cream and saw some lights. We used our card from Chase and Meag and loved it! It was so fun to be able to just drive around and we be with each other. It seems like lately that we only see each other as were walking out the door or at night time. But school is over so things will be much better now! Here are a few of my favorites. Isn't the boat house great?! It is an actual house that real people live in!

Darrington After Party

After the Webb party we went home and had our own little party. We decided that for the sibling exchange we would get all of our gifts from the DI. Terry got some great games and a cool foot hot tub massager thing. And I got a great bag full of Christmas decorations. It was so fun to see what everyone came up with. Terry made Nicole this: We couldn't believe it when we found the A at DI! You can't see it very well but the things on the right are spoons with the end cut off that all have fun handles. Funny story about the spoons. Terry took them to work to cut, the guys he works with thought he was a little crazy or that he had a crazy wife who makes him cut spoons, but anyways he had gotten the spoons all mixed up and ended up cutting one of our good sterling silver ones that was supposed to be for his yogurt. So then he was trying to get the spoon end off the DI one he didn't cut and ended up slicing his finger open up pretty good. But it was worth it!I made Brett this fun breakfast tray. DI gifting was great!Super long post sorry! After our gift exchange we made grahm cracker houses. Terry has hidden in the basement for the last couple years cause he said it was a married kid thing so it was new for both of us this year. Terry was very ambitous with his football stadium, it turned out great babe!
We are so blessed to live close enough to come home for these fun traditions! Merry Christmas everyone!

Webb Christmas Party Weekend

Last weekend we went to Raft River for the annual Webb Christmas party. Terry's family is so good to get everyone together every year. We had the best time! We had a great dinner of lasagna and Olive Garden breadsticks (loved that part!). Then they have the tradition of singing Christmas carols and then they do a cereal exchange. My mother-in-law Cheryl wrapped over 60 boxes of cereal! She read the Tommy right story and then you pass your box around and see what you end up with. I love that their family has all of these traditions and that I get to be a part of it now! Here is a video of the my new family!

Here a few pictures from the party:
Our super-sweet little niece Kendal. She is the best baby! I love to see Terry hold her. He is getting a lot more comfortable. It makes me excited for our future...he is going to be one great dad!This is Casey, Marianne and Kendal. Love them!The pretend parents :) And our gift from Chase and Meag thanks for Cold Stone and candy!This is Vanessa and baby boy. We can't wait to meet this little guy in just a few months!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just Natural Please

Yesterday I decided it was finally time to go back to dirty dish water blonde as the hair guy so nicely called it and ended up with this:

It's now kind of reddish and definitely not blonde at all. But it's just hair and a fun new change!

We finally have a "wreath"!

I have been bugging Terry about a wreath forever by counting wreaths on houses we go by and telling him that the majority of people have them so we need one! And we always had one at home around this time. My parents switched over to a horrible, scentless, bendable fake tree that I am not a fan of. There is just nothing better than having your house smell like pine. But being the awesome mom that she is, my mom would buy a real pine wreath that I could smell everytime I came inside. So a real wreath wasn't really an option for us this year so I improvised, well really copy-catted, and made this cute creation:

I wasn't smart enough to take the picture before I hung it up so this picture probably cost us $30 in heat, Rexburg is FREEZING!!!!

Family Pictures from Thanksgiving

Here are the family pictures I talked about in my Thanksgiving post. Our family has definitely grown since our last family picture, with a son-in-law and 2 new babies gettting ready to join the Haney family. I am so blessed to have the family I do I love them all to pieces..especially that cute boy holding my hand!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our New Old Bedroom

Here is our new and improved bedroom! We got the curtains for a great deal on Black Friday and then my manly man put them up for me last night and I love them! Then the second picture is my latest craft. Who would ever guess that they are just shoe box lids and scrap book paper...hopefully you can't! It just feels cozier now and I love it!

So much to be thankful for: Part 2

After tons and tons of studying my sweet hubby took the GRE today and did great!! I am so so thankful for all of his hardwork and determination! I am the luckiest girl ever to have you for forever! I love you babe!

And I start my new job at...drum roll please...SUBWAY tonight! Wish me Luck!

So Much to be thankful for!

I need to be better about not just posting about the crafts I do so here is hopefully my first of more details of the Darrington life post!

For Thanksgiving Terry and I headed to Filer for Wednesday through Sunday. It was a busy holiday! Wednesday we just hung out at home and got ready for the big dinner. It was so nice to be able to just chat with my mom. I made a pumpkin roll that night and she did some other baking. I love my mama! Then Thursday we had an amazing dinner. My Haney grandparents came over and shared the day with us-they are so great! If Terry and I can be live half as great of lives as they have we will be just fine. We took some new family pictures before dinner-hopefully I'll be able to post some soon. Friday is when things got a little crazy. Well for Jill Thursday night when she camped out at BestBuy for some good deals. That girl has the best shopping luck ever! The rest of us started at 3:45 am and kept going till about noon. It's crazy but one of our best traditions. On Saturday we through a suprise 50th birthday for my dad. We had breakfast and lots of great people came. Way to pull it all off mom, even with your number mishap :) Throughout the trip I was working like crazy on a few Christmas presents. I'll post one but the other is a surprise for my sister Laura who I know would peek if I posted so after Christmas I'll show them all. The break from Rexburg and being with family was much needed. I am so thankful that both our families live close enough to go home!