Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This month we will have been in Pocatello for a year-time flies! Now we have the B man and Ter only has a year and a half left of school. We’re still in our jungle apartment and I’ll admit it has definitely grown on me and I don’t notice our green carpet anymore :) Pocatello has been wonderful to us. I really do feel blessed to live here. We have been blessed with amazing friends, a great ward and live close enough that we get to see our family often. I remember when Ter was applying to grad schools and New Mexico, Oregon and Washington were all in the running. I am so glad that those options didn’t work out!

Way to be a Tiger for 90 years!

This last weekend my Grandpa Haney turned 90 years old! So the whole Haney clan gathered together to celebrate. All of my aunts and uncles were there and I think 20 of the 26 grandkids were there with their families-it was crazy! We got there Friday morning just in time to head to Hagerman to go rafting. Grandpa even floated the river with us-if I can go rafting at 90 I’ll be feeling pretty good. That night my grandparents and all their kids went out to the “grown-up” dinner and all the cousins and their families went out to Laura’s for dinner and games. It was so much fun to see and catch up with my cousins, some I hadn’t seen in years! Saturday we had lunch at Grandma’s and then went into town for a big birthday party for Grandpa. It was amazing to see all the people that came out to support him and wish him a happy birthday. He has built quite the legacy. Because of him over 50 people are active in the church and that’s just counting his family-not the countless people he has affected from his 4 missions. Saying that he is an amazing man just doesn’t do him justice. He is one in a million and a tiger everyday of his life. We love you grandpa!

After the party we headed back to grandma’s for dinner and lawn games. I remember the last time we all got together and I was one of the little ones then. This time I brought a husband and a baby with me! I am so thankful for my big crazy family and hope that it doesn’t take us that long to get together again! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame!

Yesterday we made the trek to Idaho Falls with Nicole and Jordan and went to Olive Garden and a Chuckars game-such a great night! It was Bryke’s first baseball game and we’re going to say that he loved it because he “cheered” for a lot of the game-little stinker bug. I hope he loves baseball someday because I can't wait to put him in t-ball :) It was a fun night and I can’t wait to do it again!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

B is for Boating

We went boating with Nick and Kaylee at American Falls Reservoir and it was a blast! It was Bryke’s first time on a boat and he did so good! He was all decked out in his water gear and just chilled out the whole time. Ter and I tried surfing the wake for the first time and loved it-but definitely need to practice…which means more boating :) Thanks for letting us tag along N & K-we can’t wait to go again!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5 months

Our little Mr. is 5 months old! We seriously can’t get enough of him! This month Bryke…

-loves to suck his thumb
- thinks I’m the coolest when I brush my teeth
-moves himself so he’s upside down whenever he can
-is eating oatmeal and bananas now
-rolls from his tummy to his back and from his back to his tummy
-found is feet and loves them
-such a little flirt
-loves his jumparoo and thinks he’s in it even when he’s not-jumpy little man!
-tries to sit up by himself
-starting to babble a lot more
-seriously such a happy little man with the biggest grin

Red, White & Blue

We were in Raft River for the 4th. The community does a big party and the Steadman’s house and I love going to it. There is always tons of family there and it is just a great tradition. All of us were there minus Marianne, Casey, Kendal and Cody.  I love living close enough to get to spend the holidays with our family. Bryke did so great! He didn’t quite make it the fireworks but loved getting to spend the day outside. I am so thankful that I get to raise my family in the United States with all of the freedoms we have! Happy 4th!

Friday, July 1, 2011

30 years together, just the beginning of their forever

These 2 amazing people have been married for 30 years! We were able to go to Twin and surprise them at a picnic at Shoshone Falls. All my siblings were there and my grandparents came too. It was so much fun to have everyone there. My parents are the greatest. 30 years! Marriage is hard work and they are a great example to me. They’ve had their ups and downs, just like anybody else, but in the end they always have each other. After 30 years I want to still be in love like I know they are. I love you mom and dad!

On Saturday my dad took us rafting on the Hagerman (no pics :( but we had so much fun!). This pic is one of my favorites-grandpa and B snoozin.