Wednesday, February 18, 2015

life lately

Life with my 4 boys---loving it!
brownie batter mustache. 3 cuties. 1 boy that looks way to grown up
the top left picture kills me--he was not too impressed with mommy taking pictures! Those cheeks are the most kissable things you have ever seen!
sweet cheeks!
this is one of my very favorite series of pictures!
aren't pictures just amazing? to be able to capture priceless moments and have them forever is such a blessing!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

t is for tractor

We did our annual trip to the CSI expo center to see the big tractors and the boys were in heaven (daddy included)! It is so much fun to see their eyes light up when they see a tractor and then hear Ter answer Bryke's million and one questions about what the tractor does. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Grady is 1 month old!

We survived our first month of having 3 little boys! And only because Grady is such a good little babe! Right now Grady:

  • sleeps {all} the time. During the day you could forget he is there for 2 or 3 hours because he just sleeps passed out on the couch while the craziness of his 2 big brothers just keeps going. 
  • is up pretty regularly every 3 hours at night but goes back to sleep pretty quick after eating
  • is a champ little nurser, he had gained more than a pound at his 10 day appointment
  • has given us a few big smiles
  • doesn't really love his mimi but will take it
Thanks for making the transition to a family of 5 pretty darn easy for us Grady baby-you are such a little sweetie and and we already can't imagine our family without you!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy birthday Bryke!

Happy birthday Bryker T! I can't believe you are 4! Here are some things about you that we don't want to forget:
  • you are a great big brother (most of the time)! You and Keegan are starting to play better together and it makes mommy so happy when I peak in the toy room and see you playing together
  • You make up the best nicknames for Grady...puppy booger baby, hotdog baby and little koala bear are a few of my favorites
  • You go to pre-school Monday-Friday and really like it. You can sing the ABC's and recognize almost all your letters. You can count to about 25-you are such a smarty!
  • You got a new pair of cowboy boots so phase 2 of being obsessed with boots has started
  • When I ask you what you want to be when you grow up you say a farmer :)
  • You are super scared of needles. I one comes on on a cartoon you run out of the room
  • You love going to primary-you came home from your first day and said that it was the best day ever!
  • Your favorite toys are legos and your helipcopters
  • You can ride your bike with no training wheels!
  • You still end up in Mommy and Daddy's bed just about every night you little stinker!
You are such a special boy with a big heart and we love you so so much!