Monday, May 23, 2011

1 dream house and 2 cute boys

I am absolutely in love with this house! I think its the porch that does it for me. There are tons of homes like this around Pocatello and I could drive around and look at them all day...much to Ter's dismay :)

Bryke helpin' his papa with his homework
love these boys!
 Don't even try to find a little boy cuter than the B'll just be disappointed. Me? Bias? No way! Just look at those chubby cheeks, bright blue eyes, chin covered in drool, and smile that melts your heart!

Can you believe this is my almost 4 month old?? He looks like a grown up little boy! Slow down baby boy!!

His new monster jammies that I love! He looks like a little chunk ball-one that we can't get enough of!

Every Sunday Ter comes home from church and takes off his church clothes and puts on his comfys but leaves his church socks on. It looks pretty silly but I love it! Bryke is gettin' started in his papa's ways :) Love these 2 boys with all I've got!

The {great} outdoors!

The last few weeks the weather has f.i.n.a.l.l.y started to get a little bit nicer! We were able to take little B man out to his first camp fire. We set out with Jordan and Nicole and after getting rained out at the first site we did better at Black Rock. Bryke did so good! He was mesmerized by the fire and just wanted to stay up and party with the big kids. Growing up my family was always camping and going on adventures and even more so when we were older. It is so important to me to get Bryker outside and let him experience those same adventures that I got to. There is nothing better than being outside and enjoying the sunshine or a toasty campfire!

I think we're off to a good start!

This is our second adventure of the summer. We went our first hike on Saturday somewhere close to Pocatello and had a blast! We hiked a couple miles and couldn't believe how great Bryke did! He is such a little trooper! It's quite the workout carrying the little mr.! I can't wait to see what other adventures this summer brings our way!

baby blue

it's hard work being carried up a mountain and back down :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1st Mother's Day

I can’t believe that I had my first mother’s day-that’s just crazy to me. I remember making my mom cards and singing her primary songs in Sacrament. I’m just a baby I can’t have my own baby!! But boy am I so glad I do! My little man has changed me for the better. I have this little person who depends on me for so much. He is my whole day and night :) I don’t think he’ll ever know just how much I love him but I am going to spend my whole life trying! Being a mom is so much more than I could have asked for or even hoped for. All the blow outs, very little sleep, spit up and pee on the couch slip cover are worth it when Bryke gives me one of his smiles or falls asleep in my arms. Bryker, I’m so glad I’m your mama. I feel so lucky to call you mine forever!

Ter and the B man spoiled me and gave me a jeep stroller for my special day. Now it just needs to get warm so we can use it!! I also got a very special bouquet of flowers. Ter wrote me his own versions of “roses are red violets are blue”. My favorite went like this : Roses are red Violets are blue thanks for cleaning up Bryker’s poo. I am one lucky girl- I love my boys!

 I’ve had the very best examples of mothers I could ever have in my sister and Mom. These two ladies amaze me every day. I call both of them almost every day with some question about cooking, the B man or just to chat. They both love their families so much and show me the kind of mom I hope I can one day be. I love you both so much!


Easter came and went this year with no egg dying or baskets. We got a couple bags of candy and called it good. It’s crazy how last year I was stressing about what to put in Ter’s basket and this year with the birth of our little man I’ve got much more important things to think about. It’s up to Ter and me to teach Bryke about our Savior. Of course we’ll be better parents next year and have the baskets and eggs but more importantly I want Bryker to know, to really know, the meaning of Easter is our Savior and that that He lived and died and lives again. I want to be the kind of mom that doesn’t just teach by what she says but by what she does. I want him to know that his dad and I have a testimony and love our Savior. I know with all my heart that my Savior loves me and suffered so much so that I could live with Him again. If Bryker can know this one day too then I’ll be the happiest mom alive.

3 months

 Little B man is 3 months old!! Here’s what he’s up to:

-is always smiling, but can switch to screaming in a heartbeat
- is super wiggly, changing his diaper is a workout now
- is allergic to the sun, just kidding, but every time we go outside he does the cutest little sneezes. I tell Ter it’s cause his eyes aren’t used to the light because 
we live in a cave!
latest family picture-don't worry we dressed up
 -is gabbering up a storm
 -drools like c.r.a.z.y.
 -loves to grab onto mommies hair and never                            let go.I swear if we were both hanging onto a rope for dear life he would last longer than me, I’m going to be bald soon!
-  gave his mama a pretty great mother’s day present, he rolled from his tummy to his back
-is much better at focusing on things and entertaining himself. Up until now he didn’t want to sit by himself for longer than a couple minutes
-is sleeping in his crib for most of the night-woo hoo!!

We <3 this little man!

Bryke's sweet new Elmer Fud hat
Look at those baby blues!