Monday, May 23, 2011

1 dream house and 2 cute boys

I am absolutely in love with this house! I think its the porch that does it for me. There are tons of homes like this around Pocatello and I could drive around and look at them all day...much to Ter's dismay :)

Bryke helpin' his papa with his homework
love these boys!
 Don't even try to find a little boy cuter than the B'll just be disappointed. Me? Bias? No way! Just look at those chubby cheeks, bright blue eyes, chin covered in drool, and smile that melts your heart!

Can you believe this is my almost 4 month old?? He looks like a grown up little boy! Slow down baby boy!!

His new monster jammies that I love! He looks like a little chunk ball-one that we can't get enough of!

Every Sunday Ter comes home from church and takes off his church clothes and puts on his comfys but leaves his church socks on. It looks pretty silly but I love it! Bryke is gettin' started in his papa's ways :) Love these 2 boys with all I've got!

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