Wednesday, January 6, 2016

{1} whole year!

oh my goodness this boy! Where has a year gone? He is such a little sweetie with a fire ball streak in him. One minute he is laying his head on your should and the next he is sneak attack biting his brothers. He is a little speedster, especially when it comes to the dishwasher and the bathroom. He sleeps through the night, has discovered he can scream and absolutely loves to tip the kitchen chair tables over and has broken 2 already--daddy gets upset that I don't get that mad at you for it but I just think that you know how bad I want a new kitchen table :) We have to tape the entertainment center drawers where the movies are and the lazy susan, they are both unloaded it seems on an hourly basis. He loves to be pulled on a blanket, anytime we spread a blanket out to fold it Grady is sitting on it ready to go.  He runs to the door whenever daddy gets home and he can eat just about as much as his big brothers. When he smiles he scrunches up his nose and it makes me laugh every time. He is just so much fun and we love love love him! So glad you are ours little busy bee!

12 whole months of cuteness!