Monday, May 25, 2015

To Box Canyon we go!

Last weekend we set out on an adventure to find Box Canyon and go see the waterfall--and an adventure is what we got! We had a tough time finding the parking lot but we made it and after we got all geared up (my favorite is the giant first aid kit hanging from the carrier) we set off walking to find the trail that drops down in the canyon. We walked and walked and walked....and missed the trail! We ended up walking probably 1 1/2 extra (that's not that far but when your both carrying a little cutie and Bryke is walking all by himself it felt like forever!) so we backtracked and found the trail and headed down in! Bryker was such a little trooper and did a great job! Grady slept the whole time and Keegan needed a lift from Daddy :) The waterfall and water were so pretty and we had a great time exploring. I love our time out in the wild {as Bryke calls it} as a family! We treated ourselves to the Creamery in Buhl after our fun afternoon-yum!
such a good day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

life lately-May

 I am trying to play catch up so here are pictures from May!

Grady and Daddy taking a nap together is about the cutest thing ever!
Love him!

We had so much fun this day playing in the rain and finding giant worms.

These were Grandma Kris and Grandma D's mother's day presents--cutie boys!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Grady is 4 months old!

Grady baby you are such a sweetheart! You have been a dream baby while I have been in school and I couldn't be more grateful! You are so quick to smile and bring a smile to everyone's face that you meet! At your 4 month check up you were 26.6 inches {93rd percentile}, 16 lb 12 oz {76th percentile}. This month you rolled over for the first time!

We love you sweet boy!