Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dad’s b-day dinner, Thanksgiving, Christmas tree and 28 weeks

On Tuesday we braved the weather to head to Twin Falls to spend the night with my family. All the kids made it out to the house for my Dad’s birthday dinner-he’s 51! It was so much fun to be able to be there with the entire family and spend the night hanging out. Happy {late} birthday dad-you are the best dad any kid could hope for!
I think Carson licked all 51 candles
Love you dad!
 Wednesday we made it to Raft River where we spent Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving really is one of the greatest holidays. You get to eat, relax and be with family. It was Terry and I, Nicole and Jordan and Cheryl and Kenny. I think we forgot how many people were actually coming because there was a TON of food! Cheryl is probably the nicest mother-in-law ever. She asked Jordan and me what we usually have at our family’s Thanksgiving and I said pretzel salad and Jordan said pies. There were 3 pies and pretzel salad!! Definitely a great Thanksgiving!
Our feast

Thursday night I met my parents and Jill in Burley where they picked me up so I could go Black Friday shopping with the girls. That sounds really ridiculous typing it out but wait it gets better. Laura, Jill and I were at Wal-Mart at 11:45 shopped till about 1 came home and tried to sleep till 4:30 when the marathon shopping would begin. Waking up twice was rough! We shopped from 4:30 till around 11! This is probably our craziest tradition-but half price socks?? You’d be crazy not to get up! Ha at least that’s what we tell ourselves. My parents and Carson brought me back to Burley around 1 and I loaded up my treasures and set off for Raft River. Thanks so much for driving me!! I probably won’t do this again some traditions just have to change-every other year of Black Friday will probably we better for our budget anyway!

We cut down our first Christmas tree!! Our little Charlie browner tree is just that-but we love it. I’ve never cut down our own tree before and it made for a super fun day. We loaded up with Jordan and Nicole and set off for the mountains. We couldn’t make it up to where there were trees right off the road so we took to climbing the mountain. I think I would have been dying even if I wasn’t pregnant! The boys cut the trees down and then Nicole and I dragged them down the mountain. Feel pretty good about getting my workout in for the month :)

{love} this boy!

Thanks for letting us tag along!

yep, this is how far I could zip my snow pants up. I should have worn suspenders!

1st Christmas tree!

28 (almost 29) weeks down and maybe less than 10 to go!! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by! It’s hard to imagine that in just a few months our little man will be here. I think you can finally notice right off the bat that I’m pregnant, either from my big belly or chip munk cheeks. Terry has to tell me to smile really big in pics or else my cheeks swallow my whole face! At church 3 or 4 people commented on my growing belly-thankfully in nice ways. Someone asked to touch my tummy and I said no that’s ok thanks. I felt bad but I’m still not up for someone I barely know rubbing my stomach…it’s just weird! Even someone I know-Ryan you better keep your hands off next time! My feet and my back hurt more and I still eat like a little piggy but other than that things are great! I have to do my sugar test thing this week so we’ll see how that goes. Oh and I had a job interview today…ha at 6 ½ months pregnant!! But I got a second interview-woo hoo!!
28 weeks

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Little bit of everything

We had a pretty laid back Halloween this year. We went to our ward party and then went and carved pumpkins with Nicole and Jordan. I think we turned out some pretty great masterpieces (Ter especially!)
Ter's pumpkin pulling tractor, my owl, Jordan's monster & Nicole's witch


The thing that has consumed my life for the last 2 ½ months is finally over!!! And I think it’s just a relief to have it over. Doing a craft fair is so much more work than I ever thought it would be. I think all of us were just thinking ok we make this really cute stuff and then lots of people snatch it up really quick and think they are the luckiest people in the world to have found something so stinkin’ cute!! (Well this is exactly what I thought I’m sure the others were not so na├»ve as me). Let’s just say that the weekend was long. My mom and Laura did such an amazing job of getting the ball rolling with all the pricing and the design of the booth. They were the masterminds and without them it would have been a disaster!! My dad and Ryan built us our amazing “chicken coop” the night before and then we piled it high with all of our goodies. Then the sitting and waiting began. I spent 15 hours at the booth throughout the weekend. It was so interesting to see all the different people and have the feelings I did. Every time someone just walked right by I wanted to go grab their hand and be like “Hey! At least come back and look!!!” Anyways moral of the story is not everybody else thinks your stuff is as cute as you do or they are just all cheapo’s!! :) Really it was a great experience and I loved the time I got to spend with my family. I feel so lucky that we all have the common hobby of crafting and that I have a bunch of sounding boards to bounce all my ideas off of. I have the best sisters, mom and sister-in-law that I could ask for. I love all you girls!! And P.S. if anyone needs baby or kid gifts I’m your girl-I have enough to last for about the next 7 years.

Our Booth


On Saturday we got to go to Logan for little miss Kendal’s first birthday party. We drove with Nicole and Jordan and met Cheryl and Kenny early at the Logan temple where we got to do a session. It’s awful to admit it but I really did not want to go. The thought of sitting for 2 hours stuffed into my dress, having to go to the bathroom and being hungry just wasn’t appealing. Talk about a slice of humble pie. After our session I had the chance to just sit and think in the most beautiful place and it just hit me that no matter what condition I was in if I had the opportunity to go to the temple that I should jump at it. The temple is the most comforting, peaceful place and to be there with family just made it that much better. So it really was the perfect start to a great day.

After our session, the party began! The Darrington clan met up with the Loosle’s at an awesome little pizza place where everyone just loved on the birthday girl. She is such a pretty girl!! Such a fun excuse to all get together-I love my family!!


Can you tell we’re just a little excited for our baby boy to get here??? I got our crib set and just love it! Anytime we get something for our little guy we can’t wait to get it up. When I was sitting in the temple on Saturday I got so excited to have our baby join our family. Families are what this life is all about and I feel so incredibly blessed that I have the opportunity to be a parent and even more blessed that I get to start this journey with Terry. I serioulsy could not have asked for a bettter husband or father for our family! This being said I just read a birth story on another blog and I'm starting to get SUPER nervous!! Have you ever seen the size of a baby's head-it is HUGE-which ='s OUCH!! That is all I seem to be able to look at when I see a baby these days. I am the biggest whimp ever I know.

Vanessa called on Sunday and told us about a glider with foot stool she found on craigslist and my dad was nice enough to go “check it out” for us yesterday. I say check it out cause it came home in the back of his truck with a bath basin added to the sweet deal of $30!!! My dad is the smoothest talker I know :) Thanks Vanessa and Dad!!!