Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lava Hot Springs

Last night we made a little trip to Pocatello where we ate dinner with Terry’s sister Nicole and her husband Jordan and their upstairs neighbors. It was so yummy, stuffed pork chops!! After dinner we trekked to Lava Hot Springs and soaked in the hot pools. It was so relaxing and so much fun to meet a new couple and hang out with Jordan and Nicole. We didn’t stay too long cause those babies are HOT!! I definitely recommend the hot pools for a nice relaxing evening! This isn't a very good pictue but it shows all the steam from the pools.

Visiting Teaching and the Public Library

Last week was a great week, especially Tuesday. Last Tuesday for the first time ever I was truly grateful for Visiting Teaching. My visiting teachers came over and it was nice to just be able to sit and chat and relate with them. It was so great to be able to get to know them better. After they left I was able to just drop a little treat off at one of the girls I visit and meet her. After I left I swear I was on a visiting teaching high. Just knowing that I had fulfilled my calling and that people had come and visited it me made me feel so good and happy. Before I am sad to admit that I really really resented visiting teaching. I was intimidated by the other girls and felt awkward just going to other girl’s houses. That was just silly of me. I am so thankful for this program and am going to do my best to keep this new outlook.

Another highlight of Tuesday, was the Public Library. I LOVE READING!! And I especially love finding new books that I love. I feel kind of embarrassed that I still hang out in the young adult section but hey that perfectly describes me right? And I’m not ready for those grown-up books anyway (don’t ask me what grown up books are cause I don’t know). Anyways reading is the and you should go find you a good book and cuddle up!
Here’s a list of books that I am loving right now:
- The Luxe series by Anna Godbersen
- The Hunger Games (haven’t read it yet but have had lots of recommendations)
- Books by Anita Stansfield
- The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbottson
- LDS authors like Traci Hunter Abramson
- The Blue Blood series by Melissa de la Cruz

If you have any good book suggestions just let me know!

Just call me Betty Crocker

I think I wrote about it before but because I only needed 9 credits to graduate but 12 to get the much needed financial aid I got to take a few fun classes. My practical homemaking class is one of them. I get to do three different rotations, cooking, interior decorating and sewing. My 2 latest masterpieces are chicken noodle soup with HOMEMADE noodles and sit down cause this is a big first PIE!!! I also made my first batch of Darrington Delight Granola (soon to be found in a store near you) and this yummy crescent roll chicken pot pie (minus the chicken cause I forgot it) braid thing. Oh and my first rolls! This part of the class has been so much fun and given me so much more knowledge and recipes for cooking!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Happens After Happily Ever After (If your as lucky as me!)

Once upon a time there was a truly happy couple who sealed their love forever in the most beautiful castle in all the land. Wedded life was simply bliss. But alas, reality set in and the fair maiden had to get a job at the healthiest eatery in the village while her courageous knight battled a semester of 17 credits. She was enslaved to long and late hours at the hands of picky peasants and self-appointed nobles. After a long day she rode her loving, although somewhat unrealiable, trusty stead, Patty the Passat, home with a discouraged heart and mustard stained hands. Upon her arrival to their humble abode she found the most wonderful suprise that made her heart flutter...her handsome knight had used the latest contraption to hit the land, a vacuum, tidied up the house, scrubbed the dishes and folded the laundry! She didn't think it was possible to love her brave knight anymore but this simple act of love did just that! She knew from the very depths of her heart that she was the luckiest maiden in the land to have her knight forever and always!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bad News Bears

Our VW Passat had to take a trip to the doctor :( Thankfully we have it back now and we are crossing our fingers that we won't have to empty the piggy bank again to fix it!

Gettin Back on Track

It's been forever since I posted anything and that's because things have been a little crazy with school and work. Here is a little update, that's not so little:

  • We spent two days with my family in Filer. For our family gift exchange we did, "Make it Bake it Sew it or Grow it". It turned out so great! Kaci and Ryan made Mom and Dad old people lap blankets :) that were so cute! Dad made Kaci this neat message board out of an old window pane, Laura made me a wreath, necklace and pretty tablerunner, Terry got an amazing tin of goodies from Jill (make her make you Oreo truffles and you'll never be able to eat a regular oreo agian, they are incredible!) Laura made Ryan homemade jam and coupons for homemade jam, with his Mama's help Carson made Jill a necklace holder and a necklace. I think that is everyone and I made Laura a nursing cover, the pattern actually called it a hooter hider but Ryan came up with the better name of a Boobie Blanket. We got a good laugh out of that one and Terry ( with just a little help from me) made Carson a lion towel.

  • We spent the rest of our holiday in Raft River and had a blast. My hubby did so good! I got my first sewing machine and Terry got a toolset for our big presents and then some other great little ones. We couldn't contain our excitement so we opened all our presents Christmas Eve. It was a great first Christmas together. On Christmas morning we got up and got to talk to Terry's brother Cody in the Czech Republic and he is doing great! We spent the rest of our break just hanging out and relaxing.

  • While we were in Raft River we went to Terry's old singles ward President's house. They call him P Buck. It was a big reunion from a bunch of friend's from home. They play a game called Awesome Tossem'. It's 2 boards with 3 holes in them and you try and throw giant washers in them. We had a blast with everyone!

  • School is going good so far. I am finally graduating this semester! I only needed 9 credits to graduate but in order to get financial aid I had to take 12 credits so I got to take 2 fun classes, Practical homemaking and Water aerobibs. Both have been so fun so far. For Homemaking I have home cooking homework. So for homework I just get to cook and I love it! Here are my fabulous smoothies and my microwave scalloped potatos that were yummy! Terry is workin on 17 credits this semester and has only one more semester left then were out of here! The grad school applications are in and now were just waiting, wish us luck!

  • This is just a funny pic of Carson Larson from Christmas time. It remined me of the movie Up, he thought he was just going to float away! Carson is going to be a big brother to a sweet little lady soon and we can't wait to meet her!