Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gettin Back on Track

It's been forever since I posted anything and that's because things have been a little crazy with school and work. Here is a little update, that's not so little:

  • We spent two days with my family in Filer. For our family gift exchange we did, "Make it Bake it Sew it or Grow it". It turned out so great! Kaci and Ryan made Mom and Dad old people lap blankets :) that were so cute! Dad made Kaci this neat message board out of an old window pane, Laura made me a wreath, necklace and pretty tablerunner, Terry got an amazing tin of goodies from Jill (make her make you Oreo truffles and you'll never be able to eat a regular oreo agian, they are incredible!) Laura made Ryan homemade jam and coupons for homemade jam, with his Mama's help Carson made Jill a necklace holder and a necklace. I think that is everyone and I made Laura a nursing cover, the pattern actually called it a hooter hider but Ryan came up with the better name of a Boobie Blanket. We got a good laugh out of that one and Terry ( with just a little help from me) made Carson a lion towel.

  • We spent the rest of our holiday in Raft River and had a blast. My hubby did so good! I got my first sewing machine and Terry got a toolset for our big presents and then some other great little ones. We couldn't contain our excitement so we opened all our presents Christmas Eve. It was a great first Christmas together. On Christmas morning we got up and got to talk to Terry's brother Cody in the Czech Republic and he is doing great! We spent the rest of our break just hanging out and relaxing.

  • While we were in Raft River we went to Terry's old singles ward President's house. They call him P Buck. It was a big reunion from a bunch of friend's from home. They play a game called Awesome Tossem'. It's 2 boards with 3 holes in them and you try and throw giant washers in them. We had a blast with everyone!

  • School is going good so far. I am finally graduating this semester! I only needed 9 credits to graduate but in order to get financial aid I had to take 12 credits so I got to take 2 fun classes, Practical homemaking and Water aerobibs. Both have been so fun so far. For Homemaking I have home cooking homework. So for homework I just get to cook and I love it! Here are my fabulous smoothies and my microwave scalloped potatos that were yummy! Terry is workin on 17 credits this semester and has only one more semester left then were out of here! The grad school applications are in and now were just waiting, wish us luck!

  • This is just a funny pic of Carson Larson from Christmas time. It remined me of the movie Up, he thought he was just going to float away! Carson is going to be a big brother to a sweet little lady soon and we can't wait to meet her!


  1. I'm glad we have blogs so we can keep up on each other better. I'm glad you two are having a good semester, and i hope things go well with grad school, car, happiness, etc. We love you. Kendal cooes hello!

  2. Loved the boobie blanket you made. fun gifts all around. I'm glad your Christmas and break from school was so good! Love you guys! Aunt Lois