Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just call me Betty Crocker

I think I wrote about it before but because I only needed 9 credits to graduate but 12 to get the much needed financial aid I got to take a few fun classes. My practical homemaking class is one of them. I get to do three different rotations, cooking, interior decorating and sewing. My 2 latest masterpieces are chicken noodle soup with HOMEMADE noodles and sit down cause this is a big first PIE!!! I also made my first batch of Darrington Delight Granola (soon to be found in a store near you) and this yummy crescent roll chicken pot pie (minus the chicken cause I forgot it) braid thing. Oh and my first rolls! This part of the class has been so much fun and given me so much more knowledge and recipes for cooking!


  1. I'd say you are Betty Crocker!!! Yumm! And I remember Lava Hot Springs I've only been in the summer but how fun to go in the Winter....and Yay for VT!

  2. Looks like i might need to get some recipies from you. Yum!