Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Happens After Happily Ever After (If your as lucky as me!)

Once upon a time there was a truly happy couple who sealed their love forever in the most beautiful castle in all the land. Wedded life was simply bliss. But alas, reality set in and the fair maiden had to get a job at the healthiest eatery in the village while her courageous knight battled a semester of 17 credits. She was enslaved to long and late hours at the hands of picky peasants and self-appointed nobles. After a long day she rode her loving, although somewhat unrealiable, trusty stead, Patty the Passat, home with a discouraged heart and mustard stained hands. Upon her arrival to their humble abode she found the most wonderful suprise that made her heart flutter...her handsome knight had used the latest contraption to hit the land, a vacuum, tidied up the house, scrubbed the dishes and folded the laundry! She didn't think it was possible to love her brave knight anymore but this simple act of love did just that! She knew from the very depths of her heart that she was the luckiest maiden in the land to have her knight forever and always!


  1. AWWW how cute are you two! Always do things for one another, it makes the heart grow fonder. Hope things are well with you two. Kenal cooes hello!

  2. How wonderful is that! Love the story given as a tale.....aren't you cute!!!! Love you guys! Aunt Lois

  3. Sarah that is so cute. What a cute idea. How ever did you come up with it. I love it.