Friday, December 31, 2010

Scary, Kinda Good, Great, More Nervous, Excited???

Did you notice the change?? No? That’s ok it’s only just the tiny little thing of 2 weeks being magically taken off of our baby countdown! I went to my appointment on Wednesday and my doctor measured me and told me I was measuring about 2 weeks ahead. So I started asking questions and he said it was normal because I’d been measuring ahead the whole pregnancy. So then he starts asking me questions and goes back and checks the dates and tells me that my new due date is February 1st! I was a little shocked usually you get this news a little earlier I would think. I’m to the point where I’m nervous so I want time to slow down but pretty uncomfortable so I want it to speed up to. We’ll see how accurate everything is though-time to definitely start getting things ready though because our baby boy is coming sooner than later!

Oh and back to the car seat issue. The deal breaker between the Graco and the Baby Trend is the adjusting strap is in the front on the baby trend. I really like this feature. Anyone know of any great car seats that have this??
The holiday season is almost over and we are back in Pocatello now after an awesome stay with our families. We stopped in Raft River the Wednesday before Christmas and got lots of cute Kendal time in and hung out with Casey and Marianne and Terry’s parents and then it was off to Filer. Thursday we met Laur and my mom in town and tried to register for the baby shower but Target or Walmart’s clicker things didn’t work and it probably wasn’t a very smart idea to even try to do that so close to Christmas. Friday we just relaxed and then Ry, Kac and Mackie came over to spend the night. This is also when we got to meet the newest member of the Haney family….Max! I was pretty upset about a new puppy joining the family so soon and decided I wasn’t going to like him (pretty sad I know) but I didn’t last long at all. Isn’t he the cutest!

Christmas morning was great. Thanks for such a great Christmas Ter, both Mom and Dads and Santa! I was awful at taking pictures but I did get this sweet one of Ter and Macey bug. Laura's family came over after Zac was done feeding the cows and they had done their Santa stuff at home.
Kind of random but this pic is from awhile ago when I watched Quinnlee. Good thing Jacob and Breawna live so close so I can get my fill of cute pink clothes, pretty headbands and painted toenails in. I don't think Ter would like it too much if he came home and little B man was sportin any of that :) She is such a doll! 

I have decided these are a major perk of being pregnant!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Webb Christmas party

Last weekend we went to Raft River for the annual Webb Christmas party-always a highlight of the Christmas season. This year we brought 1 pound gifts and did an exchange/steal. It was pretty entertaining. We got a great family picture in. I am 30 weeks in this picture and feelin' it! Only 10 more weeks, maybe even less, can you believe it??? It seems like time has flown by-we can't wait to meet you little B man!

This is the sweet hand warmer Terry and I made for Jordan and yes Ter really did help-he used my sewing machine and everything! We were pretty impressed with ourselves.

Isn't this girl just too cute?! I wish I had a picture of our adorable nephew David. He has phneumonia right now poor little guy!

We sing at the party every year-here's a peak for all of you who are missing out!!!

We finally decided on which stroller and car seat to get-now just to the buying part. What do you think about these:
I've looked a ton at the stroller frame option and I'm pretty sold on it being the way to go. Not so big and bulky, safe and easy to manuever. Both of these are Baby Trend products. Have you heard good things about this brand?
I had an appointment on Monday and things are looking good. I'm down to every 2 week appointments now. I really can't believe that we're going to have a baby in less than two months! Our munchkin kicks like crazy, especially in my ribs, and loves to keep mommy up already at night. The countdown is on!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~Roger Caras

Yesterday I got a call from my dad. It seemed like a normal little chat and then he asked to talk to Terry. In my silly mind I thought he was working up a surprise or something good but while they were talking I asked is Tipper ok? And Ter wouldn’t answer but just handed me back the phone where my dad went on to tell me that my best little bud for the last 12 or so years had died. (Thanks for making such a hard call Dad and making sure Ter was there with me when I got the news, you really are the greatest.) That was probably some of the saddest news I’ve ever gotten. I’m bawling now just writing this. I was and still am pretty attached to my puppy.

Tipper was the best dog in the whole world. She was the little queen bee in house of big macho hunting dogs. I think my dad really gave Tipper to my mom for Christmas one year but she was mine :) Oh my goodness did I love that little dog and did she love me. When I lived at home she slept on my bed every night and always knew where to find a treat. If you were cutting cheese it didn’t matter how sneaky you were she would be in the kitchen before you were done. I think she loved chocolate just as much as me. Pop tarts were pretty high up on her list too. Anyone who eats poptarts knows the corners are the best part-she always got 2 of mine. The little stinker liked to roll in horse poo (just 1 perk of my little farm dog). She hated the bath afterwards but then loved to be dried off-she fluffed up like a little fur ball. She let me play dress up with her and never got mad when I would pull her ears back and pretend she was the taco bell dog. When she would get excited when she was younger she had a certain path she would run, around the table, around the chair into a bedroom and back out. She was my little spaz. She was protective and got a little cranky in her old age.

Leaving my puppy was one of the hardest things about going away to school. She was always right there to welcome me back though. I loved the way she wagged her tail so hard when she saw me that her whole little bum would wiggle and she would whine because she was so excited. Terry probably thinks I’m nuts (I cried forever last night and have just been so sad today) to be so worked up over my dog but she really was my little best friend. Anyone reading this probably thinks I’m crazy too but I really am going to miss my Tipper dog. I wasn't there to bury her or tell her goodbye but I saw her at Thanksgiving and gave her lots of treats and snuck her in the house any chance I got. It doesn't make it easier but I know she knew she was loved. Going home next time my heart is going to break all over again with her not being there to welcome me home.  We miss you already Tippy!!

Oh and I had to take my glucose test today {yuck} and am still stressing/hoping/praying over the job interview. It's been a rough day. But I have a husband and family who love me, a healthy baby on the way and got to spend 12 years with the best puppy a girl could ask I'm going to be ok. Just one of those days!