Thursday, December 16, 2010

Webb Christmas party

Last weekend we went to Raft River for the annual Webb Christmas party-always a highlight of the Christmas season. This year we brought 1 pound gifts and did an exchange/steal. It was pretty entertaining. We got a great family picture in. I am 30 weeks in this picture and feelin' it! Only 10 more weeks, maybe even less, can you believe it??? It seems like time has flown by-we can't wait to meet you little B man!

This is the sweet hand warmer Terry and I made for Jordan and yes Ter really did help-he used my sewing machine and everything! We were pretty impressed with ourselves.

Isn't this girl just too cute?! I wish I had a picture of our adorable nephew David. He has phneumonia right now poor little guy!

We sing at the party every year-here's a peak for all of you who are missing out!!!

We finally decided on which stroller and car seat to get-now just to the buying part. What do you think about these:
I've looked a ton at the stroller frame option and I'm pretty sold on it being the way to go. Not so big and bulky, safe and easy to manuever. Both of these are Baby Trend products. Have you heard good things about this brand?
I had an appointment on Monday and things are looking good. I'm down to every 2 week appointments now. I really can't believe that we're going to have a baby in less than two months! Our munchkin kicks like crazy, especially in my ribs, and loves to keep mommy up already at night. The countdown is on!


  1. It was a very fun Party weekend. I like your pic of stroller / carseat. Can't wait for your little one to join us!!

  2. Just double check how it buckles in and it is the way you want it. We almost got a baby trend until i strapped a baby in at church and saw the buckle...Just something to think about on the hard choices as future mommy's we get to make. We also went with the snap and go stroller ...and I love it b/c of how little and light it is. You two will love being parents!!! especially the sleepless night...but they are well worth it.

  3. That is a good point, the buckle is kind of different...but we like it : ) I can send you a picture of what the buckle looks like if you want.