Friday, December 31, 2010

The holiday season is almost over and we are back in Pocatello now after an awesome stay with our families. We stopped in Raft River the Wednesday before Christmas and got lots of cute Kendal time in and hung out with Casey and Marianne and Terry’s parents and then it was off to Filer. Thursday we met Laur and my mom in town and tried to register for the baby shower but Target or Walmart’s clicker things didn’t work and it probably wasn’t a very smart idea to even try to do that so close to Christmas. Friday we just relaxed and then Ry, Kac and Mackie came over to spend the night. This is also when we got to meet the newest member of the Haney family….Max! I was pretty upset about a new puppy joining the family so soon and decided I wasn’t going to like him (pretty sad I know) but I didn’t last long at all. Isn’t he the cutest!

Christmas morning was great. Thanks for such a great Christmas Ter, both Mom and Dads and Santa! I was awful at taking pictures but I did get this sweet one of Ter and Macey bug. Laura's family came over after Zac was done feeding the cows and they had done their Santa stuff at home.
Kind of random but this pic is from awhile ago when I watched Quinnlee. Good thing Jacob and Breawna live so close so I can get my fill of cute pink clothes, pretty headbands and painted toenails in. I don't think Ter would like it too much if he came home and little B man was sportin any of that :) She is such a doll! 

I have decided these are a major perk of being pregnant!

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  1. this sign is so awesome! they totally need these in rexburg. especially on campus :)