Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Highlights

January: We moved in with my parents while Ter did his last internship for OT school in Twin Falls, we celebrated Grandma and Grandpa Haney's 70th wedding anniversary and we had a giant scare with Keegan but he is a-ok now and we couldn't be more thankful!

February: Bryker turned 2!

March: We were still hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa and loving all the time we got to spend with them

April: Mommy had knee surgery and we went to the Webb Easter party in Raft River

May: DADDY GRADUATED!! (at the top of his class too!) we took a trip to the zoo in Boise and Ter started his first real job as an Occupational Therapist at Primary Therapy Source in Twin Falls

June: We bought our first home and absolutely love it! We also went to Soda for a reunion with Terry’s siblings and parents

July: We went to the Raft River 4th of July party-mommy got bit by a dog :(, Bryker did swimming lessons for the first time, Ter had his 10 year High School reunion in Declo, we celebrated our 4 year anniversary

August: We partied hard this month with a trip to Utah for our Brown reunion, a trip to Raft River for the Darrington reunion and our big camping trip to McCall

September: Mommy had a CSI softball reunion and we went to the Twin Falls fair

October: We took a trip to the pumpkin patch and celebrated Halloween with the cutest little puppy and Buzz Lightyear you’ve ever seen!

November: Keegan turned 1! And we took a trip to the Ogden house with 4 of Ter’s high school buddies and their wives

December: We went to the South Hills with Brett, Vanessa, Becca and David and cut down a cute little tree (love this tradition!) and then celebrated Christmas 3 different times

2013 was a huge year for us filled with so many blessings! We can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Keegan is 1 year old!

 Happy Birthday Keegster!
·        19.8 lbs 21st percentile
·        30.2 inches tall 54th percentile
·        18.5 inch head 71st percentile
·        You are a climbing machine! Bryke didn’t really climb so this is new for us. I’ll walk in the kitchen and you’ll be standing on the table you little stinker!
·        You love the dishwasher-anytime I open it I try to be really quiet to trick you but you always come running and love to sit or stand on it.
·        You are the best little snuggler ever! Every night I hold you tight and get to snuggle you to sleep-I love that time that is just ours.
·        You are starting to fight back when your big brother starts picking on you. You still love to mess up his toys but have kicked it up a notch with pinching and hair pulling.
·        You love Bryke though and always light up when you see him
·        You are a Mimi boy! You get a little grumpy when you can’t find your binky
·        Whenever Daddy comes home you throw your arms up and run as fast as your little legs go to get to him-makes his day everytime.
·        You absolutely love your Grandma Kris! You spent a whole weekend with her when we went to Ogden and I think you formed a special little bond.
·        You still take a couple naps a day, sleep so well through the night and hardly make a peep when you’re in your car seat.
·        You are pretty particular about how you are fed-even if I don’t hand you the food the right way you do a 360 spin so fast and throw yourself down you little drama king :)
·        And above all else, you are absolutely {adored} by your mom and dad! This past year has been so much fun to see you bring smiles to people’s faces, light up our home and warm our hearts with your snuggles and big wide open mouth kisses! We love you Keegan Karl-to the moon and back!
(these pictures are so special to me! I can't believe how much you have grown! From our sweet little babe to our even sweeter little one year-old. Those big blue eyes and that smile that takes over your whole face, oh do we love you Keegan!)

We got to celebrate twice-once with the Haneys and then with the Darringtons. It is so great to live to close to so much of our family! Mommy made you a special blanket filled with lots of love and you absolutely spoiled by your family!
You couldn't believe that we were just going to let you dive into your cake! You were so funny about it though and instead of picking it up you would lean forward and just take a bite right out of it-you were pretty proud of yourself!

Happy birthday little Mr.! Your mommy, daddy and big brother love you more than you could ever know!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloweenie!

Cutest little Buzz Lightyear and puppy you have ever seen!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Keegan is 11 months!

·        Walking has been a little rough on you-your poor little face always has a few bruises on it from crashing
·        Still my little snugglebug
·        You’re busting out of your infant car seat-time to move you to a big boy seat!
·        You sure know how to make someone feel good by giving them a big smile or reaching for them-I hope you keep this good quality.
·        You seem a little more adventurous than Bryke was at this age and he still isn’t a fan of getting dirty but you love it!
·        People still think your tiny and are always impressed with your walking skills
·        Mommy is going to spend her first night away from you and she is nervous!
·        You give giant open mouth kisses and try to sneak in a bite with it!
·        You are a little sweetie but you some attitude! When you get mad you throw yourself backwards
·        You are such a good little sleeper-you need to teach your brother!
·        You make the absolute funniest faces!  You scrunch/crinkle your eyes and nose and show your little buck teeth-we crack up laughing every time!

We love you little man!

We're still alive!

It has been almost 3 months since I last posted! Talk about some catching up to do! Keegan puked on our computer and it must have been toxic because the computer is toast! Life has been good to us though with a busy summer, lots of family time and fun-hopefully I'll be back to blogging soon!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Keegan is 10 months!

·        Walking machine!
·        Still have 6 teeth
·        Eat more than Bryke a lot of the time
·        Which has definitely helped you not look so itty bitty anymore
·        Clap all the time
·        Tough little man-Bryke kind of pushes you around but pulling his hair is your go to defense
·        Laugh and smile so easily and I love it!
·        You are our little strawberry blonde boy but you got your first buzz and it isn’t so red anymore
·        One of your favorite things to do is absolutely destroy your OCD big brothers toys that he has so carefully lined up-it’s like you just can’t help yourself!

We love you little mr.!

Friday, August 30, 2013

my crazy boys

I {love} these 3 crazies!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Keegan is 9 months!

·        16.6 lbs   below the 5th percentile
·        29 inches 75th percentile
·        Head 17.25 inches 17th percentile
·        You got {6} teeth all at once and didn’t really want anything to do with food for a few weeks
·        The dr. was worried that you were such a little skinny minny!
·        You went on your first camping trip to McCall and did pretty darn good
·        You are seriously the happiest baby ever!

We love you so much Keegster Beegster!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Darrington Family Reunion

We were back at the Steadman's water-slides for our Darrington Reunion and had a blast again! Bryke was an animal on the slides and had so much fun going down them.  We played minute to win it games and few intense games of volleyball. We ran around all day and just enjoyed the sun and fun company.
Grandpa's famous hat

8 under 4! I absolutely love that Bryke loves all his cousins and gets to see them pretty often.

Bryke took a break from the water slides and went for a tractor ride with Grandpa and was introduced to his new favorite machine-the combine.

love this family of mine!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Karl Brown Family Reunion

We had such a great time and loved spending time with our Brown family....it makes me smile every time I say that :) We stayed at this giant house and that's where we ate and did activities and then we slept in a tent. Awesome volleyball and kickball games and lots of laughs-we missed those that weren't there!
we missed you Ry, Kac and girls!
this is a reenactment of their engagement pictures-love it!

love you two!

Kade ended the trip with a bad sprained ankle dang it!

one of my very favorite pictures of this little man

Can't get enough of him!

Friday, August 2, 2013

life lately

This life I have is pretty great-i'm a lucky lady!

Bryke's face in this picture just cracks me up! Tent time with Carson and Macey!

Nakey babies!
Grandpa Tad was a rafting machine this Summer-cutest little stowaways you'll ever see!
Keeg's first sucker was a definite hit!
Bryke is a pro pedaler and Keegan is just super cute
Hide and seek!

Seriously the 2 cutest little people I have seen!