Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Keegan is 11 months!

·        Walking has been a little rough on you-your poor little face always has a few bruises on it from crashing
·        Still my little snugglebug
·        You’re busting out of your infant car seat-time to move you to a big boy seat!
·        You sure know how to make someone feel good by giving them a big smile or reaching for them-I hope you keep this good quality.
·        You seem a little more adventurous than Bryke was at this age and he still isn’t a fan of getting dirty but you love it!
·        People still think your tiny and are always impressed with your walking skills
·        Mommy is going to spend her first night away from you and she is nervous!
·        You give giant open mouth kisses and try to sneak in a bite with it!
·        You are a little sweetie but you some attitude! When you get mad you throw yourself backwards
·        You are such a good little sleeper-you need to teach your brother!
·        You make the absolute funniest faces!  You scrunch/crinkle your eyes and nose and show your little buck teeth-we crack up laughing every time!

We love you little man!

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