Friday, February 22, 2013

love my boys!

I don’t think that I can even really describe how much I love these two-they are my world, plain and simple! Bryker has enough personality and attitude for 3 little boys and Keegan is about the sweetest little boy you will ever find. I am so grateful that these two little boys are mine. Being their mama is just about the greatest thing ever. Sure there are tough times and it’s not always roses and rainbows, in fact most of the time it is poop and lots of tantrums but I still wouldn’t trade a day of getting to stay at home with my babies for any other dream job in the world! I’m a lucky lady! (Jill bought Bryke this cookie monster shirt and he absolutely loves it! He just walks around carrying it and he doesn't have he wants to know right where it is! He calls it his cookie monster-cookie shirt)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Keegan is 3 months!

Hey little Keegster you are 3 months old already! I can’t believe you’re already this big but then again I can’t believe you’ve only been with us for 3 months! You are such a great baby-thanks for being so nice to mommy and hardly ever crying and sleeping so well-you are our little champ and we love you to the moon and back! Here is what you’ve been up to:

-you roll from your tummy to your back-way to go!
-you can hold your head up so well!
-you are already a better sleeper than your big brother :) you still sleep in the bassinet.
-you went to State Basketball with Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Jill and did awesome! You have been to an NBA, college and high school basketball game all before you were 3 months old-we’re starting you out early you litter baller!
-you are the most smiley baby I have ever met! And you smile with your whole face-it the cutest little smile your mama has ever seen!
-You got sick for the first time (thank your big brother!) and had to go to the dr. 3 times. You had RSV but it passed pretty quickly but a yucky cough is still hanging around.
-you are loved a whole lot by your mommy, daddy and big brother!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a whole lot of cute!

Just some cute pictures from lately...(there are a ton more of Keeg just because I can't get Bryke to sit still long enough to say cheese!)

one seriously cute kid!

1st time really playing in the snow

I love that Bryke loves his little brother so much!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Love day

There's nothing better than a day full of love! I'm so thankful for my handsome man who makes me smile every day. I love you honey! And to top it off I got to spend the day with my 2 other sweetie pies! 3 of the sweetest Valentines's a girl get so lucky!? (I don't know if Ter feels so lucky-I dragged him to the Stake Valentine Dance and made him slow dance with me. I was in heaven and he on the other hand asked me in the middle, "what is the point of dancing?" I don't think I see much dancing in our future :) I guess I'll have to secretly volunteer to chaperone dances when the boys get older so I can get my slow dance in!)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bryker is 2!

 2 years old! You're almost all grown up-stop it already little bug! Here's what you're up too:

-36 inches tall {75-90%}
-27 lbs 10 oz (50%}
-20 inch head {90%} He is now under 100 +% yay!!

-the kid hates the camera-I pull it out and he heads for the hills!

-he has a huge vocabulary and it grows every day. His favorite words right now are “No way!” At first it was pretty darn cute and then it started to be accompanied by a pointing finger and a whole lot of attitude!

-loves to run, all the time. We’ll be sitting in Sacrament and he’ll whisper, “I run mama,” or we’ll have just barely walked into a store and before I can even get Keegan into the cart Bryke has done a lap around the store. I was pushing for baseball but track just might be his thing.

-He will eat just about anything if you make it a Buzz, Woody, Jesse or Bullseye bite. I could probably quote all 3 Toy Story movies word for word. That and the Cars movies are his favorites.

-I asked him who his friend was and he said Grandpa :)

-He does so much better with sleeping and most days will tell me it’s time for his nap and then will go to bed at night after we read a book and sing I Love To See The Temple. It is the cutest thing I’ll ask him what song he wants and it is always, “Temple.”

-He is the sweetest big brother! He’ll walk over and just randomly give Keegan a kiss on the forehead and shares his toys with him (we’ll see how long that lasts).

-He has gone pee on the toilet a few times but doesn’t have much interest in it yet…I’m crossing my fingers that it will be soon, really soon!!

-He loves to do puzzles on the kindle and we’re working on learning letters. He has B and O down. He knows blue and green and what a circle and a triangle are. It is so fun to teach him things and see him catch on. I am one proud mama when I ask him a question and he gets it right!

-He can be such a little meanie! We’re working on no pushing and hitting when his cousins are over. Last week he added biting to his repertoire, (sorry Mackie!).

-Is doing so much better in nursery thank heavens!

-He sure knows how to push his mama’s buttons and throw a fit but what 2 year old doesn’t ? I am so thankful that I have this crazy, energetic, spunky little mr for my buddy. Life just wouldn’t be the same or as much fun without our Bryker bug! We love you Bryke and are so thankful that you are ours forever!