Thursday, December 17, 2009

CAUTION: YUCKY but sweet post below

Tuesday night was the worst night of my life! As my cute friend Tara put it on her blog awhile ago, I tossed my cookies about 8 times! I'm not sure what made me so sick but it was terrible. There's the yucky part but here's the sweet part. My hubby passed the puke test with flying colors! He held my hair, rubbed my back, got me crackers and was just the best I could ask for, even if he was going to pass out a few times. I am so thankful for him for staying up with me to take care of me! Sorry this is kind of nasty but I just had to share about me sweet boy! P.S. no I am NOT pregnant!


  1. Aw, what a sweet husband you have! Chris LEAVES THE ROOM when I get sick like that, what a wimp... ;)

    Also, I LOVE your DI tray makeover! love how it looks like a patchwork quilt with the different paper, very cute!

  2. haha, I love it! that's how Jordan is when i'm sick.. When HE is sick I put ear-plugs in and run to the other room. i'm such a good wife!

  3. Terry is a keeper! How sweet of him to take care of you. Love the projects you made!