Sunday, December 6, 2009

We finally have a "wreath"!

I have been bugging Terry about a wreath forever by counting wreaths on houses we go by and telling him that the majority of people have them so we need one! And we always had one at home around this time. My parents switched over to a horrible, scentless, bendable fake tree that I am not a fan of. There is just nothing better than having your house smell like pine. But being the awesome mom that she is, my mom would buy a real pine wreath that I could smell everytime I came inside. So a real wreath wasn't really an option for us this year so I improvised, well really copy-catted, and made this cute creation:

I wasn't smart enough to take the picture before I hung it up so this picture probably cost us $30 in heat, Rexburg is FREEZING!!!!


  1. your wreath is so cute! I love it! I'm glad we found you guys!

  2. Love the wreath and love the family pictures!!!!

  3. Mom said the tree comment was kind of better be nice! Their tree looks amazing with all of the ornaments on it. There is no way that a real tree could hold up all of those ornaments....Carson was loving it!