Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hi nice to meet you...

My name is Mrs. Darrington but you can call me grandma D. I am a 22 year old/87 year old grandma. I spend my days reading, cleaning, sewing or doing puzzles. I’m sure I would love bingo or a knitting group if you know of any. I don’t have 10 cats yet but my sister is trying to get rid of some so that could change fast.

Sad to say but it’s the truth. This not having a job thing is depressing!! I got a few call backs and even did an interview but as the saying goes close but no cigar (not sure if that’s really a saying but I remember it from somewhere). I did get all my substituting stuff worked out and now just have to wait for the calls to come. They call between 8 and 10 at night and from 6 am to 1 pm-I get a little anxious during those times! I should probably just enjoy this time before the baby comes cause I don't think I'll ever have another post like this one again :)

On the bright side though being a grandma with so much free time has its perks-lots of crafts. Pics in the post to come!


  1. Ahhh Sarah...I love your posts! I can't belive you get to find out what this baby is in only 4 days:) I am so excited for you & Terry! Just so you both know...I have the feelin its a little Ter:) either way he or she is going to be ADORABLE!!! So glad schools going well for terry. Keep your chin up on the whole job situation. Something will come up. We love you guys & miss you like crazy!

  2. You make me laugh...that post was so cute! I could totally see you with lots of cats when you're old. j/k