Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today was my first ever day of substitute teaching! I got the call last night and accepted a 3 day job for a third grade class and then promptly started to hyperventilate when I realized it was for today!!!! I was so so nervous!! Today went great though. I had to relearn math and some english really fast but I think I pulled it off. The best part was when one of the girls found out I was pregnant and then ran over to the other girls and said guess what our teacher is with child!! I almost died-I would never ever say that and I'm the pregnant one!! So now I will be substituting this class until Monday then its kindergarten on Tuesday and another class on Wednesday. All of a sudden the sub jobs just started to come rolling in and I am so thankful! It feels so nice to be able to contribute to the mula fund and get out of the house!!

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  1. i'm glad the jobs started comming. I know you'll do Awesome, just keep a firm, but fun attitude and you'll be wonderful. Get used to kids admiring your prego state, when you get bigger you'll get a lot of fingers poking you (believe me i know).