Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blue or Pink?????

 We found out on Monday that we are having a little boy! We couldn’t be more excited! I was pretty nervous the whole day before the ultrasound, for some reason knowing what we’re having just makes it super real-now I think Holy Smokes we are going to have a little boy!! The doctor people told me to drink 32 oz of water before the ultrasound. I was totally stressed out about this for no reason at all. Well for a very big reason when you hear what I thought 32 oz of water was. I have this water bottle I always use and it says 7.7 oz on it so I figured it all out that I needed to drink 4 and gave myself 15 minutes to drink each one. By the end of the second I was seriously stressing out. Poor Terry came in and took a sip of my water and probably thought he was going to die because I freaked out that I had it all measured (totally stupid looking back, sorry sweetie!) So after the second one I got to thinking I better double check this cause Terry had said that 32oz was only 4 cups. I got the measuring cups out and emptied my bottle and realized that I had already drank like 50 oz of water!!! My stupid bottle said 1 pint, 7.7 oz!! Don’t think I’ll ever neglect a poor little comma again or forget how many cups are in an oz!! So needless to say by the time we got to the ultrasound I was dying!! But that all went away when she put that nasty hot stuff on my tummy (I would much rather it be cold) and we saw our precious little guy and that was definitely the first thing we saw. Right away she was like do you know what that is? Sure enough it was Baby D showing loud and proud that blue is our new favorite color :) It was such a relief to see all of his little arms and legs and fingers and toes and to see that everything is looking good! Now only 19 more weeks until we get to hold our sweet baby in our arms-can’t wait!!! Our top names are still Bryker, Wyatt and Carter probably in that order but we'll see what else we come up with.

Here is a pic at 21 weeks still not too much to see. Like my sweats? You should feel lucky I put my nice ones on for you but you should feel even luckier that I put a bra ( don't get me started on bras they are the devil!) on for the occasion! And I spiced up the whole “outfit” with a pretty headband. I seriously need to get out of the house and put some real clothes on!!

We have been feeling out little man move around like crazy! Ter got to feel him move a couple Saturdays ago which was pretty cool for both of us and now we can just sit and watch my stomach as he parties away.

I had a WIC appointment yesterday and totally got in trouble for how much candy I eat. The minute I said I like sweets the nazi lady’s pen started flying and my new goal is to have self control and limit myself according to her. She doesn’t even know the half of it! I felt bad and told her that my sweets are mini candy bars but oops forgot to tell her about the cookies I made yesterday or the carton of ice cream I just eat right out of…hmm must be that pregnancy brain thing!

pretty much what I look like all the time


  1. AHHHH!! Congrats! I am so excited for you guys. You are going to be such great parents. This is Allison btw.. :)

  2. Hmmmm... lots of sweets, not just a pregnancy brain thing, just a Sarah thing!Don't listen to that doctor she has no idea what she is talking about.

  3. YAY!!! I can't wait for a nephew! What a weirdo you are for wanting the belly jelly stuff to be cold.

  4. Congrats and don't you look the headbands you have made!!!!

  5. yeah for baby boys....they are so fun, and i am so excited for you.

  6. We're so excited you're having a boy! how fun! I'm jealous of your cute belly moving around with life. THat is the #1 thing I miss about being prego, feeling her move! It was so fun! Of course, now, she's out and the fun gets even better each day! We miss you guys and hope to all get together soon! :) loves-