Friday, October 29, 2010

24 down and 16 to go

Here is an update of our little guy at 24 weeks (don't mind the mess-the sewing table has been a permanent fixture due to the craft fair coming up next week!). He is moving around tons. I like to think that he moves whenever I put my hand on my tummy but it's probably just a coincidence...or he just knows that his mommy loves him a whole lot already! I'll be honest it still freaks me out a little when I feel him move. I'll be driving or just talking to someone and all of a sudden my stomach has a mind of its own-ha right now it does!  I told Ter last night that I think soda-mainly Cherry Pepsi is a legit pregnancy craving-he wasn't buying it. I've almost convinced myself that it is but I'm pretty sure I can say for all of the things that I "crave" (french fries, pop, cookies, chocolate, strawberries) that I am just a fatty and would want all of this if I wasn't pregnant.

I think I'm coming into the more sensitive part of the pregnancy now. I haven't been much of a cryer but lately the tears are pretty close to the surface. Yesterday an old lady in Fred Meyer swore at me (for no reason at all!!!) and I almost broke down right there!!

One last thing. I love it how when people ask what names we are thinking about and I list them out (Bryker, Wyatt or Carter) and they say oh Bryker is different. It makes me laugh because everyone knows that that is code for where the heck did you come up with that!?! It's my favorite and what I secretly call him in my head most of the time but we'll see.

 Oh and this is our new pet. We loved him while it lasted -about a whole 3 minutes!!! It was seriously huge!!! That's one really bad thing about the fall-all the creepy crawly things start moving inside-gross! We used a bat, a smore roaster and almost a toilet brush to knock him down and then flushed him down the sink. I didn't brush my teeth in the bathroom out of fear that he was a great swimmer and would come creeping back up the drain! I hate spiders!!!!
Things are great here for us in Pocatello. Terry is doing really good in school and I am still  a grandma. I subbed for a week straight and then only a half day this week. It's almost worse to work and then not work-BUT I am still extremely greatful for the work that I do get!!! Kind of a rambled post but an update nonetheless!


  1. Looking cute Sarah! I'm glad to hear your all doing well. I think your kid is going to have a sweet tooth, don't worry about the sweets it's all good. Good luck in your craft fair!

  2. Awww Sarah...I love your belly!! You look ADORABLE. I craved oreos. I would go through boxes at Costco like crazy:) I love the name Bryker. We can't wait for him to get here. We miss you guys!!