Thursday, December 20, 2012

Keegan 1 month

Make time slow down-our baby is already a month old! Everybody says it but really where does time go? I remember with Bryke thinking I can't wait until he can do this or that and now with Keegan I am just like stop don't grow up stay little!! Making the transition to 2 kids hasn't been as crazy as I thought it be and that's probably because Keegan is such a good baby! Here are some things to remember from his first month:

-had his first outings to DI (have to start the thrifting young), the library and his first restaurant was Butterbur's
-sleeps ALL day long and then wakes up quite a bit at night (need to work on switching our days and nights)

-takes his mimi (what Bryke calls his so it's stuck) really well
-nurses like a champ
-eyes are still blue and we think we might have a red head on our hands
-in size 1 diapers and moving up to 3 month clothes
-weighed 11 lbs at his 2 week appointment
-is loved a whole lot by his big brother which is manifested in head butts and being squished
-is loved a whole lot by Mom and Dad but we show it a little nicer and softer :)

Thanks for being so good for us Keeg and easing us into being the parents of 2 little mr.'s-we love you to the moon and back!

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