Saturday, December 29, 2012


We got home on Thursday and then on Friday Cheryl came up to watch Bryker so that we could run away to a Jazz game with Kaylee and Nick. We had such a great day! We drove separately and it was so nice to have more than just 5 minutes at night to sit and talk with Ter. We headed straight to the brand new City Creek Mall and got our shop on! Ter and Nick did laps with the babies in their strollers while Kaylee and I got lost in Forever 21 and H & M. I seriously love Kaylee to death! Not only is she the greatest shopping partner but such an amazing friend. I feel so blessed that we ended up at the Grove apartments and got to have such great friends as Nick and Kaylee. They are so special to us and I hope so bad that we can keep our friendship strong!

After the mall we met up with Kaylee’s cousin Paige and her boyfriend and went to Tucano’s for the best dinner ever-holy smokes that place is delicious! For whoever is reading this stop right now and go get some of their lemonade! Before dinner we had gone back to the car and got all of our stuff for the game. Kaylee had brought Jazz jerseys for Ter and I which was pretty fun-I felt like a legit Jazz fan :) which I think I am now thanks to the awesome time we had.

We had awesome seats and got to watch a pretty great game (they ended up losing right at the end though dang it!).  Both Jemma and Keegan did {amazing} throughout the whole game. I had Keeg in a sling and he really didn’t make a peep the whole time-he wins the best baby ever award!

Jemma has got to be 1 of my boys' future wife so that Kaylee and I will be related! I love that girl!

This was kind of our last hoorah with Kaylee and Nick before we move and it makes me sad to even write that. I really can say that their friendship was 1 of the very best things about being in Pocatello-can’t wait for our Jazz game trip next year! We love you Soderquists!

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