Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas with the Darringtons

We packed up what seemed like our whole house and started our Holiday marathon celebration in Raft River on Friday night. We had the whole family there, which means 8 little ones running crazy! Needless to say the house is a zoo :) but we wouldn't have it any other way! I absolutely love it that my boys are going to get to see their cousins pretty regularly (at least I really hope they are able to). I wasn't really close with any of my cousins growing up and Ter grew up right down the road from all of his so hopefully we can find middle ground and live close enough to see everyone often. 

We had a great time skeet shooting, eating Marianne's amazing caramels and chocolates, making and decorating cookies, loving on babies and opening presents! We draw names every year and it is always so much fun to see what everyone gets for one another.We had a yummy Christmas lunch and then just hungout and ended the night with an intense game of Cranium-we'll get you next time Vanessa, Marianne and Nicole!

We took off Sunday morning for Filer (we went that early because we thought Oaklee was getting blessed but it got postponed). Thanks for a great start to our holiday-we love you all!

8 very lucky little ones to have such amazing grandparents!

We tried putting the 6 oldest in Grandma's giant tub-any more kids and we're gonna need a swimming pool for bath time!

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  1. It was so crazy yet so so fun. Hope all is well with you guy's. Give your sweet little boys a hug / kiss for me!