Monday, December 3, 2012

Being a mama to 2 of the sweetest boys ever is without a doubt the best job ever. Period. It is full of trucks, trains, poop-lots of poop, Thomas the train, blue and more blue, bob the builder, rocks, football, basketball, anything with a ball, cuddles, and a whole lot of attitude. There are moments when I cry just from the amount of the love that I have for my babies {I moved my pillow and found one of Keegan’s teeny tiny little socks and it just made me so happy that that little boy is mine} and moments I cry because I swear if I have to change one more poopy diaper I’m going to die. {Yesterday I honestly changed 5 poopy diapers in about 5 minutes-at least everything is working in their little bodies!} I didn’t know it would be this much work or that it would ever be this rewarding. When Bryker points to the right color or says two after I say one you would think he had just won the Nobel Prize for how proud I am! And there is just nothing like having a newborn. The softness of the top of their head, their tiny toes and fingers, how when he’s hungry and you kiss his cheek he attacks your face, and the way he cuddles up on my chest in a little ball. There is just so much to love about my boys. My boys…that is my most favorite thing to say these days. Basically I just love being a mom. All of the tantrums, poopy diapers and sleepless are forgotten (well at least put to the back of my mind) when I think about all of the kisses, cuddles and I love you’s that I get every day! I love you Bryker and Keegan so much more than I ever thought possible! Oh and please oh please continue to love each other and be best buds like you are now! Love, your mama

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