Friday, November 30, 2012

Thank you mama!

Keegan was born on the first day of Ter’s week long Thanksgiving vacation-perfect timing! My mom stayed a couple nights with us to help out and then left since Ter was home for the week. Then she came back on Monday and stayed with us until Wednesday to help ease me into the transition of being home all day with not 1 but 2 little munchkins! I feel so incredibly blessed to have a mom who would just put everything on hold to come and help me. She gave Bryke her undivided attention which Ter said might have been a bad thing because after she left boy was he a handful! But I don’t know how people have babies without their moms to help them! I am so thankful for her example of what a mom should be! I wish I was a better writer so I could truly express just how thankful I am for her and how much she means to me. The only thing better than having you for my mom is that my boys have you for their grandma! You’re the greatest mama-I love you!

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