Monday, November 5, 2012

·     Just a few things I don't want to forget about our sweet boy at 21 months:
-       Loves Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train 

-       Because of all the Bob the Builder which is full of tractors and trucks he put it together that both his grandpas drive tractors and trucks so therefore their names were Bob too :) it is pretty cute when he sees them and yells out, “Hi Bobby!”-especially in the middle of Sacrament when he saw my dad sitting on the stand.

-       Always calls things big in this deep throaty monster voice
-       Somehow worms his way into our bed every night-little rascal! This will    hopefully change or at least get better before his little brother comes.
-       Loves to crawl in his crib but thankfully hasn't started crawling out yet.
-       Whenever he says something with a p (especially play) put your rain coat on he spits it out with extra emphasis.
-   Doing SO much  better in nursery-just in time to move :(

                                                   We love you Bryker!

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