Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little more than 38

Wednesday we went to the Dr and left a little disappointed! I went in thinking even if I'm just a 3 I will be so happy anything but a 2! Well still a 2 but effaced more so things are still movin along...just slowly. I know I still have a few weeks left but {please} don't tell me to be patient I am ready to get this baby boy out into the world! Poor Terry I wasn't very nice the rest of the day. The dr did tell us though that if little B man hadn't come by our next appointment {Tuesday} he would schedule the induction for Thursday the 3rd. So less than 2 weeks no matter what! Later that night we went to baby class and had a dr come in and talk all about new babies and got a tour of the hospital probably the best class yet. It made us a lot more comfortable to know where we would need to go when the time finally comes.

Last night Breawna and Jacob invited us to go to a dinner/presentation in Idaho Falls so we got all spiffed up and enjoyed maybe our last night on the town baby free-you never know!

Oh and today was the only day that would be no bueno for baby B to come because our dr. was in Logan at a basketball game. Now that we got that out of the way lets get labor rollin!
38 weeks

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A little DI magic

I turned these little beauties into....

THESE! Just to add a little somethin' to Baby B's room. Jill informed me that yes they are really cute but they aren't straight. So then I told her that I kind of just threw them up there real quick cause I couldn't fit behind the crib-so considering I think I did a pretty good job!                                    

We had some visitors at our house yesterday! This is the only picture I got but my parents, Laura and her 2 cuties Carson and Macey, and Jill came and saw us. It was so much fun to have my family here and just hangout for a bit. Hosting people is kind of stressful for me-I just don't want them to be bored! But we showed them all of the great baby stuff. Most Laur had already seen because most of it is hers! She has been AMAZING to let us borrow so much stuff! Aren't these 2 just pretty ladies!?

Jill, Laur and my Mom also threw me a shower on the 8th and holy smokes did I feel like a lucky girl!  Lots of amazing ladies came to support me and spoiled me and baby rotten! Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures! But I think we are pretty much ready to go. We got our car seat and stroller and now just need to pack the hospital bag and then wait! I'm 38 weeks tomorrow and have a dr. apt so updates tomorrow. 

PS-if you read the last post I have eaten 2 brownies since then and a handful of potato chips but I figure that I have 2 weeks til the baby comes and then my goal/story will start :) Not a good mindset but atleast I made a start right?! 

Another great article

I found this article from another blog and thought it was great! I'm liking this feeling of actually finding productive things during my time stumbling around the internet looki(ng at people's blogs and reading about their lives when I have no idea who they are. This article, "Living a Good Story, an Alternative to New Years Resolutions" made me get up and dig through my purse for the little notebook that I have been carting around that holds our New Year's Resolutions. We went to dinner a few weeks ago and I craftily used it as a time that I knew he couldn't dodge me or get out of making some goals! We made some categories and wrote down some specific goals and I felt really good about our positive step into the new year but then I read this article and thought oh man we are already failing at our goals!! The main points of the article are 1.Want something. 2. Envision a climactic scene. 3. Create an Inciting Incident. (Go read the article to get the details). One of my goals, just like everyone else on the planet, is to get back into shape and work hard at loosing the baby weight. So this is what I want and my climactic scene looks like me being able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath, fitting into my skinny jeans and looking like a hottie for a date with my boy. Creating an inciting incident is "just something that forces you to move," in other words something that MAKES you get that goal going! I think for this part of my body goal its going to take something like joining a Zumba class or making a committment to a friend or getting Ter involved so that I have something or someone to answer to. This is going to MAKE me get going. No one wants to look silly or let down someone you love so if you make yourself responsible for your goal you'll be way ahead of the game! Now I just need to go through this process with the rest of our goals-go do the same!!

Check it out

I just read this article, "Why I can't stop reading Mormon housewife blogs" that I found from my friend Tara's blog and just wanted to share it. This was one of my favorite parts, "Enter the Mormon bloggers, with their picture-perfect catalog lives. It is possible to be happy, they seem to whisper. We love our homes. We love our husbands."  Of course our "Mormon" lives aren't picture-perfect but why not focus on the positive in our lives? The article opened my eyes a little wider to the fact that we can be examples in whatever we do. I don't think that we (LDS or not) should sugar coat our lives for the blogging world but we shouldn't be sharing every negative thought or experience we have either. It was just nice to see a positive article about something that I'm a part of. I'm just rambling now but my point is that the article made me smile and hope that my life and therefore my blog can portray the message of "But the basic messages expressed in these blogs -- family is wonderful, life is meant to be enjoyed, celebrate the small things -- "  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

So Soon?!

I went to the dr.'s on Wednesday and got all checked out-not looking forward to that again! After all that checkin' he told me I was already dialated to a 2 and I can't remember the exact effaced number-but things are starting to happen! I am 36 weeks now (haven't put a pic up in forever but will do it soon!) and feel like someone superglued a basketball to my tummy. Little B man still loves to kick and move around a ton. I get fake contractions quite a bit and trying to get comfortable and sleep at night is a nightmare now-BUT things are great! Only a little bit longer and our baby will be in our arms!

Wednesday we had our first baby class and I watched my first birth-holy smokes! She should have told us beforehand that it was au natural cause this lady was in pain! I am not opposed to getting an epidural but want to try and go as long as I can without it, it all just depends on how things go. It was a good class with tons of information-Ter even liked it. It might have made us a little more nervous than prepared though!

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Highlights

January: Spent the month freezing in Rexburg

 February: Started the Ogden house tradition with Terry’s great group of friends from high school, nephew David is born

March: I turned 22, went snowshoeing at Harriman State Park, good friends Madye and Dustin got married=a trip home!

April: Niece Mackie is born, fishing became one of our favorite hobbies

May: Found out our little family would become 3 in February, Niece Macey is born

June: Ter turned 25, took a trip to Walla Walla Washington to be at Jill’s graduation from WWCC, got together with all of Terry’s siblings(minus Cody on his mission) and parents in Soda Springs for a great weekend of fun

July: Both graduated from BYU-Idaho and took a weeklong trip to California to celebrate. Also moved to Pocatello and celebrated our first anniversary

August: Terry started his first semester of the Occupational Therapy Masters program at ISU, went to a reunion for Ter’s Darrington side and one for my Brown family (ha reading that makes me laugh)

September: I got to go home for crawdad hunting when the water got turned off (one of my favorite traditions)

October: Started substitute teaching to make some mula

November: Did the CSI Expo Craft fair with my mom and sisters-lesson learned I must think my stuff is way cuter than other people do :) , Niece Kendal turned one and we went to Logan to celebrate

December: Found out our baby boy will be coming 2 weeks sooner than we thought! Got a new stove, a borrowed TV, badly wanted bookshelf and our first real Christmas tree. Spent a great holiday weekend at the Haney house

When I started this list I was struggling to fill the months and thought man we are boring! But looking back all I can think now is how blessed we are and what a great year we had! 2010 was great but 2011 already has it topped with the very soon to come little addition of our baby boy-we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds for us-Happy New Year!!