Thursday, January 6, 2011

So Soon?!

I went to the dr.'s on Wednesday and got all checked out-not looking forward to that again! After all that checkin' he told me I was already dialated to a 2 and I can't remember the exact effaced number-but things are starting to happen! I am 36 weeks now (haven't put a pic up in forever but will do it soon!) and feel like someone superglued a basketball to my tummy. Little B man still loves to kick and move around a ton. I get fake contractions quite a bit and trying to get comfortable and sleep at night is a nightmare now-BUT things are great! Only a little bit longer and our baby will be in our arms!

Wednesday we had our first baby class and I watched my first birth-holy smokes! She should have told us beforehand that it was au natural cause this lady was in pain! I am not opposed to getting an epidural but want to try and go as long as I can without it, it all just depends on how things go. It was a good class with tons of information-Ter even liked it. It might have made us a little more nervous than prepared though!

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  1. You sound exactly like me. We went to a class and I thought it was really helpful for us to know what to expect together. I also thought that I would go as far as could without the epidural. In the end, I got the epidural when I was dilated at a 6 and I was pretty happy that I did. Good luck, no matter what happens.