Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another great article

I found this article from another blog and thought it was great! I'm liking this feeling of actually finding productive things during my time stumbling around the internet looki(ng at people's blogs and reading about their lives when I have no idea who they are. This article, "Living a Good Story, an Alternative to New Years Resolutions" made me get up and dig through my purse for the little notebook that I have been carting around that holds our New Year's Resolutions. We went to dinner a few weeks ago and I craftily used it as a time that I knew he couldn't dodge me or get out of making some goals! We made some categories and wrote down some specific goals and I felt really good about our positive step into the new year but then I read this article and thought oh man we are already failing at our goals!! The main points of the article are 1.Want something. 2. Envision a climactic scene. 3. Create an Inciting Incident. (Go read the article to get the details). One of my goals, just like everyone else on the planet, is to get back into shape and work hard at loosing the baby weight. So this is what I want and my climactic scene looks like me being able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath, fitting into my skinny jeans and looking like a hottie for a date with my boy. Creating an inciting incident is "just something that forces you to move," in other words something that MAKES you get that goal going! I think for this part of my body goal its going to take something like joining a Zumba class or making a committment to a friend or getting Ter involved so that I have something or someone to answer to. This is going to MAKE me get going. No one wants to look silly or let down someone you love so if you make yourself responsible for your goal you'll be way ahead of the game! Now I just need to go through this process with the rest of our goals-go do the same!!

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