Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A little DI magic

I turned these little beauties into....

THESE! Just to add a little somethin' to Baby B's room. Jill informed me that yes they are really cute but they aren't straight. So then I told her that I kind of just threw them up there real quick cause I couldn't fit behind the crib-so considering I think I did a pretty good job!                                    

We had some visitors at our house yesterday! This is the only picture I got but my parents, Laura and her 2 cuties Carson and Macey, and Jill came and saw us. It was so much fun to have my family here and just hangout for a bit. Hosting people is kind of stressful for me-I just don't want them to be bored! But we showed them all of the great baby stuff. Most Laur had already seen because most of it is hers! She has been AMAZING to let us borrow so much stuff! Aren't these 2 just pretty ladies!?

Jill, Laur and my Mom also threw me a shower on the 8th and holy smokes did I feel like a lucky girl!  Lots of amazing ladies came to support me and spoiled me and baby rotten! Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures! But I think we are pretty much ready to go. We got our car seat and stroller and now just need to pack the hospital bag and then wait! I'm 38 weeks tomorrow and have a dr. apt so updates tomorrow. 

PS-if you read the last post I have eaten 2 brownies since then and a handful of potato chips but I figure that I have 2 weeks til the baby comes and then my goal/story will start :) Not a good mindset but atleast I made a start right?! 

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