Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little more than 38

Wednesday we went to the Dr and left a little disappointed! I went in thinking even if I'm just a 3 I will be so happy anything but a 2! Well still a 2 but effaced more so things are still movin along...just slowly. I know I still have a few weeks left but {please} don't tell me to be patient I am ready to get this baby boy out into the world! Poor Terry I wasn't very nice the rest of the day. The dr did tell us though that if little B man hadn't come by our next appointment {Tuesday} he would schedule the induction for Thursday the 3rd. So less than 2 weeks no matter what! Later that night we went to baby class and had a dr come in and talk all about new babies and got a tour of the hospital probably the best class yet. It made us a lot more comfortable to know where we would need to go when the time finally comes.

Last night Breawna and Jacob invited us to go to a dinner/presentation in Idaho Falls so we got all spiffed up and enjoyed maybe our last night on the town baby free-you never know!

Oh and today was the only day that would be no bueno for baby B to come because our dr. was in Logan at a basketball game. Now that we got that out of the way lets get labor rollin!
38 weeks


  1. Have no fear your little man will be here soon. He's just maken sure he's well done, and ready for the world! I know how anxious / excited you two must be. We're anticipating the call / text, love you all. Kendal sends her kisses.

  2. WOW! I can't believe how close you guys are! That went fast, well for me :) Good luck with it all and if you need anything we really aren't too far away, especially Dillon.

  3. Look how stinkin' cute you are momma!!! We can't wait to meet baby B!