Friday, July 19, 2013

Keegan is 8 months

Holy cow I don't think this kid can get any cuter! Here's what he's been up to:

·         Has 2 teeth
·         Is a crawling machine
·         Not so sure about his crib that we finally got put up {at about 8 ½ months he is doing much better sleeping in it-still wakes up to eat a couple times at night}
·         Such a little snuggle bug like full on put his little head on your shoulder and make you feel like this is the best moment ever snuggle.
·         Loves his big boy food
·         Is a little biter-mama is not a big fan of this
·         Can clap and waves
·         Walking might not be too far away-he loves to cruise while holding onto one of Bryke’s bikes.
·         He babbles all the time and it is the cutest thing ever.
·         He is still such a happy, smiley loving baby-he makes quick friends wherever he goes

We love you Keegster!

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