Tuesday, July 30, 2013

B man update

This little mr. has enough personality and attitude for 3 little boys! He can go from such a sweetie to crazy to such a little stinker in no time-but we wouldn't change a thing about him! He has started saying some of the funniest/cutest things:
-he was brushing my hair and stopped and said, "now you're pretty mama."
-he gets excited and will tell you a big list of things like we're going to Walmart and then we'll go to the park and then... and he'll say these big long lists. We were running errands and I told him all the places we were going, Once Upon a Child was one of them, and as he was repeating them back to me he changed it to Child of God :)
-he thinks Grandma Kris' dog, Murphy, is his cousin
other updates:
-NO MIMI! I can't believe how smooth this transition was. We went swimming at Miracle and his rubber ducky went down one of their big drains. Then a week later he was in the bath and asked for his mimi and said I didn't know where it was and he said it went down the drain. I just rolled with it and that was that! He cried for it a couple times but then whenever he asked for it we just told him it went down the drain and he was ok with it.
-his cowboy boots still go everywhere but we're working on the flipflops
-when he says movie it sounds like "moody"
-we still sing I love to see the Temple and I am a child of God every night-he can sing both songs all the way through
-we've attempted wearing big boy underwear a few times and it hasn't really stuck so we're forgoing that until he shows a little more interest-hopefully soon!
We love you Bryker!

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