Monday, July 15, 2013

Declo High School {Class of 2003}

Ter is officially an old man-he has been out of high school for 10 years! We went to Declo on Saturday and Ter rode in the parade and the boys and I got to hangout with Breawna, Emily, Tori and their kids. Bryke was so stressed out because his dad left and then had a little meltdown when daddy went by on the float, threw candy at him and then just kept on going. So sad but funny at the same time-we're going to have to work on the parade thing. I feel pretty lucky that Ter has a close group of friends that he still talks to regularly and that they all married great girls that I get along with. And then Ter is a total people person and can pick right back up with someone he hasn't seen in forever-so we totally skipped over the I haven't seen you in 10 years this is so awkward moments which I was definitely ok with!
^^such a happy boy!
Between the 4 of the guys that are married there are 9 kids under 4; 7 girls and our 2 boys

We went to the parade and then we went to the UpperCrust for lunch-have you ever seen 5 sleeping babies at the same time?! This equals a miracle!
{Declo High School class of 2003} A bunch of Ter's friends have moved back to the Declo area and I could just see the wheels in his head spinning so who knows where we'll be down the road but if my boys could have as great of friends as Ter did in high school I would move to Declo in a heartbeat!

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