Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Well it’s official we are Filerites now! Somehow we survived the move (thank you oh so much to everyone who helped out!) and are getting all settled in at my parents. Bryker is in heaven with all the attention from Grandpa and Grandma. I think the move was a little rough on him so now that things are settling down and we’re getting into a new rhythm things are getting better (he was becoming a little monster especially at night!). We’ve been able to enjoy lots of cousin time and are getting lots of practice with the concept of sharing-that one might take awhile :) Oh and the concept of no hitting, pushing, or kicking! Bryke has turned into a little meanie! Ter is a little worried that no one is going to want to play with him hopefully it's just a stage!
 My parents have been so great with us invading them and words can’t say how grateful we are to them for letting us move in for a bit!! We love you Mom and Dad! (Oh and Ter is really liking his internship-the long days were a little bit rough to get used to but he likes the people he works with and that he gets to play games all day :)

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