Friday, December 2, 2011


             Isn’t it funny how in life sometimes when you get what you’ve wanted so badly and for so long your not so sure you want it anymore. This last week I’ve gotten a taste of this. Ter has been doing one of his fieldworks here in Pocatello. Our whole married life Ter has been in school. It’s been homework, study, study more and then more homework, while squeezing in some work whenever he could and on top of all that being the best dad and husband a little man and wife could ask for. Needless to say he has been a very busy guy for a pretty long time. So what I have wanted so badly is for him to be done with school and finally get a break and just have to work and get to spend more time with us. Well now that I’ve got it {even if just for a few short weeks} I’m not so sure that it’s all I thought it would be.
               His school schedule has always been a little crazy but there has always been breaks or a day when he didn’t have class at all. This last semester he didn’t start before 1. A lot of times during these breaks he was studying but at least he was home and we could pop in make him take a break. But now, while he’s doing his fieldwork he’s gone from 7:30 until after 6. He’s so busy that it’s hard to even get a text in. 
               This probably just sounds like complaining but it’s not it’s just me trying to wrap my head around all the changes that will be coming our way when Ter is done in a year and a half. Change is hard, even good changes.But maybe time could slow down a bit so we don't have to be real grown-ups so soon. But on the other hand being .real. grown ups has so many opportunities for us! Moving somewhere closer to home, a house of our own, a puppy!, an actual income and so much more. Like I said change is a little rough no matter what the kind but this change even with the tough spots is going to be great. Thanks for working so hard for us Ter and I guess this whole rambling post could be summed up in one little sentence-I miss you {a whole lot} during the day!

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