Saturday, December 3, 2011

10 months

Where does time go? And how does it go so fast? No way can by baby be 10 months old he was just born yesterday! I look back at pictures from the week he was born and it really just boggles my mind. My not so little baby is now almost a year old! Lots of first for our little man this month:

o   tried black licorice for the first time (and much to my dismay and Grandpa’s liking he loved it!)
o   took his first steps at Grandma D’s house on November 27th. He is getting braver everyday and starting to let go of things and take a few steps all on his own. I’m pretty sure he’ll be a pro by Christmas.
o   turned into a little biter! ahh!
o   has quite the little attitude. We tell him no and he tells us just what he thinks about that
o  started to get a little bit shy with stangers but is still quick to smile
o   will eat anything and everything
o   has started to snuggle and we love it

o   SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! (thank heavens!)
o   says mama when he wants me, gives big open-mouthed kisses and waves
o   has a 6th sense for when people are in the kitchen and will be there as quickly as he can
o   started to learn how to go down the stairs
o   has 7 teeth
o   My most favorite thing that he does is reach up for me. I don’t why but I just love it :)

We love you Brkye!

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  1. He is getting SO big, I bet he is a total blast.