Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yardsalin' and crafting away the days

This has been an awesome summer of yardsalin’ and crafting. I’ve been going with Nicole here in Pocatello and then when we go to Filer Laura and I sneak away to a few in the wee hours of the morning-she is hard core! But all of my trips have been fruitful-whether I needed all that “fruit” I’m not so sure :) Some of my best finds are a leather rocker that reclines for $10 (I didn’t even know about that little bonus until Ter tried it out!), a little chair for Bryke for $1 (I’m going to redo the cover and give it to him for Christmas), nursing bras (kind of weird but after a good wash they’re brand new in my eyes…and I was desperate for new ones), all sorts of ribbons and sewing stuff and much more!

For crafting, Ter’s cousin Breawna and I made these 4 season blocks. It only took us 3 months but it was worth it they turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself. Then I borrowed an idea I saw online and made Bryke a mobile out of paint chip cards-thanks Lowe’s! I love how it turned out! Finally my super good friend Rach is having a baby girl {anytime now!} and I made her these little goodies for her little lady that I can’t wait to meet!

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