Wednesday, August 3, 2011

6 whole months

This month the little B man:
-weighs 17 lbs 1 oz in the 49%
-27 ½ inches tall 85%
-46 cm head in the 95% (he needs a big head for all those smarty pants brains :)
-loves mama’s red water bottle
-pro roller over-er :)
-not such a pro sleeper
-almost sitting up by himself
-turnin' into a mama's boy (he knows when I leave the room now)
-can turn himself all the way around-crawling might not be so far away-
-no teeth yet
-screams, like really screams, like a little girl
-loves otter pops and if you don’t give him more in about 2.5 seconds he will not be a happy boy
-loves to be outside
-starting to be a bit of a snuggler
-likes to swim in the bath
-is a naughty little pincher
-has monkey toes
-puts his binky in all by himself like a pro
*has our hearts in the palm of his hand*

First time sitting in a big boy chair at a restaurant

Bryke and his girlfriend Kaylee
peace :)


  1. Ohhhh, he is such a cute boy! Can't wait to get to see him!!!

  2. I miss that little B man. I can't believe he is 17 pounds at 6 months, (that's what Kendal was at one yr). We can't wait to see you all next weekend! Give Bryker hugs and kisses from us!