Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Somewhere on Craigslist there is a beautiful rocking chair like this one that is calling my name!

Lots of Super cute options on crib sets-these are the top runners IF I had a million dollars :)
Maybe I'll get crafty lafty and try to copy one!

LOVE this bedspread

Tiny pic but its from Pac Sun and I'm saving my pennies so I can buy it one day :)

Can't you just see these boots with skinny jeans (it's laughable to even mention those jeans since I won't be able to fit in mine without using a hair tie to make the waist band bigger!) and one of these three gorgeous tops on my list?? They're from Anthropology and only cost the tiny amount of $250! :)

Just love the ruffle


  1. oh my heck.. i hate living in brasil and finging out exciting news late. oh well, i am so happy for you guys!!! you will love it. good work on getting a jump start on the baby things you need. it comes faster than you think.
    also...where are those boots from. i love them.

  2. My chair is all yours sister...and if you want to borrow our swing you can too!

  3. you have excellent taste! I love every single thing you just listed, especially those darling boots!