Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Catch Up #2

We both graduated from BYU-Idaho!! Both of our parents and Terry’s sister Nicole and her husband Jordan came up for graduation and killed two birds with one stone by helping us move too. Our family is amazing I swear I turned my back for a second and my house was empty! Thanks everyone for coming and sharing our special day with us and helping us out so much! Like most other schools BYU-I just gives you a diploma holder and then mails you your diploma later. But BYU-I doesn’t really do their degree audit process until after the ceremony and everything so it’s just a waiting game to see if you get an email that confirms your degree or lets you know of any deficiencies. I’m happy to say that we both got good emails and are OFFICIALLY graduated!! Maybe forever for me but my sweetie only has 3 weeks until he starts grad school :(
The BIG Move
With graduation came our not so big move to Pocatello. It felt big with all of our stuff but really is only a hop away from Rexburg. But the difference couldn’t be bigger! I think it might be a little of culture shock for me and Rexburg has sheltered us for too long! I can’t stop my jaw from dropping or my head from turning when I see some people ha! It’s back to the real world for us! We moved into a really nice apartment that I have lovingly nicknamed the Jungle. Our carpet is green, the linoleum is green, the stove is green and the bathroom counter and floor are green. But it’s a great place and it’s the people that make the home not the place! Bye-Bye Andrews Place Hello Eastridge Dr!
Welcome to the Jungle :)

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